The Best Option  of Transportation  In Goa

1. By Tuk-Tuks

Three-wheeled yellow-black taxis are a symbol of Indian transport. They are called tuk-tuks or autorickshaws.

2. By motorcycle

A motorbike rickshaw is the fastest and most economical way to explore the cities of Goa. 

3. By Bus

This type of transport can reach even the most remote areas. They are served by private and public companies. Public buses do not stop at all stops, but only in large cities.

4. By Ferry

You can get to too many places in Goa only after crossing the river. Ferries are popular with locals as they transport people, stuff, and cars from one bank to another across the state.

5. By Car

If you want to be independent and move quickly through this Indian state, it could be a very good choice.


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