Sangita Ghosh reacts to the viral dupatta video from Swaran Ghar; says ‘The team has already realised where they went wrong and actors don’t have the last word’ – Times of India

Sangita Ghosh has now reacted to her viral dupatta scene from Swaran Ghar which has been discussed on social media over the past two days for being ‘bizarre’ and ‘hilariously logic-defying’. The actress took to her social media account to share a note and stated that she takes everything with a pinch of salt. She also added that the team has realised where they went wrong and that the intention and the execution did not come out the way it was planned.

Sangita wrote, “I take everything with a pinch of salt and did the same with this video also. I think when your audience gives you so much love and appreciation, they also have the right to criticise. I told everyone on the set that at least hum viral hogaye (laughs). We do make mistakes in life and shows. One has to move on eventually. The intention and the execution did not come out the way it was planned. The team has already realised where they went wrong. And as actors, we do not have the last word but I think everyone will be careful next time.”

She further added, “The show is a progressive one and has been lauded for its content. Yes, we faltered but that doesn’t mean we are not doing good work. Television has been instrumental in taking up so many sensitive topics. I, myself, have done some amazing work. Thank You, Sangita Ghosh.”

For the uninitiated, on May 12, a scene featuring Sangita from Swaran Ghar went viral on social media platforms. The viral video clip shows Swarna (Sangita) throwing her dupatta across her shoulders which accidentally gets stuck in between the pedestal fan in motion. She gets pulled with force and her neck gets choked as the noose tightens. Everyone runs towards her to free her. Watching her struggle with life gives an opportunity for Ajit (Ajay Chuadhary) to become the hero of the show. He bites the dupatta to tear it apart and saves Swarna.

The bizarre scene left netizens questioning the logic behind the scene. It did not stop here as this scene from the show made its way for hilarious memes and netizens have flooded Twitter cracking jokes.

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