‘Bunkum’: Indian Navy Denies Pakistan’s Claims of Blocking Submarine


Did an Indian submarine try to sneak into Pakistani water on October 16? The Pakistani media has been reporting this for the last 24 hours after the Pakistan Army’s media wing the ISPR released a statement claiming as much. They further claimed that the Indian Sub was “tracked and blocked from entering into Pakistani waters.”

The Indian Navy has ignored the claims. But sources said that the video released by the ISPR itself is evidence that the claim is bunkum.

Pointing to the GPS coordinates in the video that indicate the location of the submarine, Indian Navy sources said that it was 140-150 nautical miles from Karachi, which is international waters. A country’s territorial waters extend to just 12 nautical miles from the coast.

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Moreover, sources said Pakistan had made such dubious claims before and there was no verification to prove that the video was authentic. If they did spot a submarine it could have been from any country.

ISPR in its statement has claimed that “this is the third such incident of an Indian naval submarine that has been detected prematurely by its maritime patrol aircraft”. The Pakistan army, along with its statement, shared video footage of the alleged incident.

Such an incident was earlier reported in March 2019 when the Pakistan navy had said that they detected and thwarted an attempted entry by an Indian submarine. At the time, the Pakistan Navy had said in a statement, “The Pakistan Navy used its specialised skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters.” The Pakistan Navy had also claimed that another such attempt had been made by an Indian submarine in November 2016, which was tracked and pushed clear out of Pakistan’s waters.

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