2 Bengal Youth Arrested for Threatening, Abusing Traffic Cop Who Asked Them to Show Driving Licence


Two people were held in police custody on Wednesday for allegedly threatening and abusing a traffic policeman in Kolkata. The incident took place around 5.30 pm when  Biltu Bhattacharya was driving on his way to Kasba from Science City along with his friend Sushmita Naskar. According to police sources, a traffic police officer Subrata Biswas instructed them to stop their car. When Bhattacharya stopped, the traffic cop asked him to show his driving licence and the vehicle’s documents.

While Bhattacharya presented his driving licence, he told the policeman that he left the car’s documents at his home in a hurry. On this, the cop clicked a picture of his driving licence and released them with a warning.

However, instead of peacefully leaving the spot, the two started to argue with him for clicking the photo of Bhattacharya’s driving license. The man introduced himself as the executive of a mobile company and said he had a lot of contacts at influential positions. He threatened the traffic policeman that he could lose his job.

Later, his friend Naskar, who claimed to be an architect, started abusing Subrata Biswas in inappropriate language. Bhattacharya called up someone and pressured the cop to talk on the phone, however, Biswas did not succumb to their threats.

Due to the duo’s misbehaviour, Biswas detained them. The entire scene unfolded in front of scores of people who were passing by.

After a while, a man came on behalf of Naskar and apologised to the traffic police officer, requesting him to release the two people. After multiple pleadings, the police officer got a bond signed and released them with a warning.

Recently, there have been many reports of traffic policemen being harassed by the public while on duty. On Sunday evening, an advocate was booked in the Chetpet area of Chennai for shouting at traffic police personnel who stopped her daughter’s car for violating the lockdown rules.

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