Top Furniture Trends In 2019

top furniture trends

Move over 2018, 2019 has some furniture and decor improvements. It’s important to make your living space feel up to date as well as welcoming, it’s the area in which you socialise, relax and sometimes even work or study. Therefore, make it a place you love spending time in with these top furniture trends for 2019.

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture

This is a big must. With many more people opting for smaller living spaces, optimising that space is key.

Multi-purpose furniture takes that camping vibe – with your spork, swiss army knife and camp chair – and gives it a sweep of luxe and refinement to add to your living space.

2. Metal & Mixed Metal

Metalwork can easily go from chic to garish, so make sure when mixing metals you only mix 2 or 3 and no more.

If mixed metals is too bold for you, just add a touch by incorporating some metal as decor or as an intricate light fixture.

3. Natural

From metalwork to the opposite spectrum, all natural, plant materials. We saw succulents absolutely rocket last year but they’ve become over-used, especially as there are so many other indoor plants that are gorgeous that didn’t even get a look-in.

However, bring biophilic elements into your home not only through the addition of plants, but through natural materials such as wood and stone.

4. Bespoke, Handmade & Sustainable

This has to be the biggest trend for 2019, which will hopefully root itself as a permanent fixture.

Not only do bespoke items add authenticity and originality to your living space, but sustainable practices through bespoke and handmade items mean you support the artists who made your pieces, as well make a conscious effort to support the environment and society through ethical choices.

5. Jewel Colours

A splash of rich colour is everywhere at the moment from art, to cushions and rugs.

The colours that are making a scene in 2019 are that of luxury, with gem hues including ruby, emerald and sapphire taking centre stage.

6. Terrazzo Print

Think 80’s style cd covers or daycare centre tile carpet – and simplify. You get Terrazzo.

Terrazzo prints on tiles, splashbacks and coffee tables will be making an appearance, but if you want to incorporate terrazzo just an inch, add some coasters or a piece of wall art to your collection for an injection of fun.

7. Comfort

Finally, fashion no longer has to hurt, with a top 2019 trend focussing on comfort.

Add decadence and comfort to your furniture by opting for plush sofas, deep pile rugs and velvet-covered headboards. If it looks like you’ll have the best nights’ sleep on it or you’d never want to leave it once you’ve sat down – it’s a winner.

To find the right pieces of furniture and decor that work for you, check out company reviews at and see what’s in, and what’s out.

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