The Best Option of Transportation In Goa 2022

Many holidaymakers do not ask to move around Goa. They enjoy spending their vacation in the same resort, resting on the beach or by the pool. However, Goa is so diverse that it is still worth seeing. Despite the small size of this state, its cities are quite scattered. We will tell you which mode of transport is better to use.

1. By Car

If you want to be independent and move quickly through this Indian state, it could be a very good choice. You can rent a car online or directly at the office of a company that provides the appropriate services. Of course, car rentals Dubai provides a much better service and range of models. In addition, in Goa, you probably will not find Lamborghini or Ferrari. And if you do, the price probably will be higher than in Dubai. But sedans shouldn’t be a problem.

In addition to renting cars, you can use a taxi. White cars are considered tourists, and black with a yellow top – ordinary. Many hotels can call a taxi at your request. As a rule, taxi drivers consider the payment depending on the kilometres you passed. But you can always bargain and knock down the price.

It’s important to agree on the final cost before the start of the trip, so as not to get an unpleasant surprise when you arrive.

We recommend taxis at night and in the evening for safety reasons. Especially for women.

2. By tuk-tuks

Three-wheeled yellow-black taxis are a symbol of Indian transport. They are called tuk-tuks or autorickshaws. They are similar to motorcycles with several seats in the back.

They can usually carry two or three passengers. In comparison with taxis, tuk-tuks are much cheaper and can be a good solution to overcome small distances.

Some drivers make money by a counter, but usually, you can agree on the piece price before the start of the journey. Focus on 7 rupees per kilometre.

3. By ferry

You can get to too many places in Goa only after crossing the river. Ferries are popular with locals as they transport people, stuff, and cars from one bank to another across the state. And tourists consider ferries the most romantic mode of transport.

The most popular routes are from Old Goa to Divar, from Betim to Panaji, and from Cavelossim to Assolna. Travel is free for pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles, and the car will have to pay a minimum amount.

4. By bus

This type of transport can reach even the most remote areas. They are served by private and public companies. Public buses do not stop at all stops, but only in large cities.

Often on buses are written the names of the settlements to which they go and no numbers. Wave your hand to stop the bus, not at the stop. This is a very cheap means of transport – about 10 rupees for 2-3 km.

You have to buy tickets from the conductor. Buses usually run until 19:30. The bus station in Maple provides access to the most remote places and beautiful beaches.

Tourists should prepare for crowding, noise, and non-compliance with schedules. They also lack air conditioning, which can be a problem in hot weather. At stops, buses only slightly slow down, so you have to actually jump into a moving bus. But a ride in a bright bus filled with colourful local residents, you are unlikely to forget.

5. By motorcycle

You can also take advantage of a unique type of transport, which is called Pilot. It is a motorcycle rickshaw. They can only transport one person at a time. As a rule, moto-taxis can be identified by yellow numbers. As a rule, they can be found in a special parking lot.

A motorbike rickshaw is the fastest and most economical way to explore the cities of Goa. However, do not forget to bargain about the price before travelling. It costs 17 rupees a mile.

A motorcycle, moped, or bicycle can be rented for short distances in cities. On average, a bicycle will cost 300 rupees per day. To rent a motorcycle, most likely will need to make an initial contribution or leave a passport as collateral.

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