WhatsApp plus apk download for Android

WhatsApp plus apk download for Android


WhatsApp Plus is a great replacement for Original WhatsApp as it is one of the most trending and fastest growing application that smartphone users can use instead of WhatsApp with Tons of restriction policies whereas WhatsApp plus have no such policies. the web. today we are here and we will be updating you all about the details regarding of WhatsApp Plus for Android.


today we are here and we will be updating you all about the details regarding of WhatsApp Plus for Android.


Let me tell you that in order to get the WhatsApp Plus app you have to visit the official website of the Developer. Since it is a mod application so it is not there on the Play Store a, Google Play Store also have tons of restrictions.  WhatsApp plus is much better than WhatsApp as it offers several special features by which we will be informing you later.


Silent Features of WhatsApp Plus App


  • By the help of whatsapp plus apk, you can hide the last seen messages and you can keep your online status hidden from your annoying contact.
  • Since you have created a group and you want to make your group famous then you have to send messages to every individual. But by the help of WhatsApp Plus, you can share the link of the group created by your and then people can easily join you.
  • You will be having the access to share almost all types(extension) of files which are being required by your friends.
  • Another special and unique feature that WhatsApp Plus provides to you Is that you can change the WhatsApp Icon.
  • Word limit allowed for status was very less but in Whatsapp PLus app the limit had increased and now users can write their cool/funny status within s limit of 225 characteristics.
  • There is an another offer that you can enable whenever you want to show your friends that their friend(myself) is always online for their help and requirements.
  • WhatsApp Plus is providing some stunning features which will be giving you access to have a keen eye over him and you can track him so that you can idea about the last seen of your friend.
  • This WhatsApp Plus app is very useful for you if you want to share some high-quality photos with your friends or relatives.

These were some of the feature of WhatsApp Plus app that other mods might be not providing you.


How to Download The WhatsApp Plus For Android


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  • Since this application is not available on play store so you have to visit the official website and from there you have to download the apk file.
  • Once you have visited the Official website there you have to select the best version of WhatsApp Plus that supports your device perfectly after this you have to download that file.
  • As the file downloads you have to check whether the option is enabled or disabled, the option will be named as “Installation from unknown options’.
  • If the option is disabled then you have to enable the option, and after this, the installation will start
  • Wait till the installation process ends and then you can launch the app from your app drawer.


Our humble readers this was a brief discussion regarding the installation and features of WhatsApp Plus mod application. Hope all your queries are solved by this quick, simple and short guide.

Reference from Tamil Language : Dheivegam


What do you think about this New Whatsapp plus? Have you tried it before? Have you noticed any difference In This Whatsapp plus? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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