7 Amazing Tips For Teachers Who Are Teaching Through Online Platforms

During the last five years, the growth of teaching through online platforms has increased a lot, and many prefer to enroll in various online courses because you can get the comfort of studying in your place. Also, there are no time restrictions. Whenever you are free, you can learn.

So there are various online platforms available to teach for competitive exams such as IES, UPSC and also bank exams. So here are some amazing tips for teachers who are teaching through online platforms.

1. Plan your classes

This is the first thing you should do because the students are not present physically in front of you and probably they will not be online at the same time; sometimes, the time zones are also different. So, planning the classes is very important for teaching through online platforms.

Before starting the class, make sure that syllabus and all the topics you are going to cover during the entire course is laid out on your website. This will give the students an idea of how the class is going to be and whether they can fit into the live classes and also make sure that you go with the plan because planning alone is not important; you have to make sure to execute it properly.

2. Prepare and Master technology

Make sure that all the essential equipment is in place- good internet connection, microphone, video camera and so on. You should know how to use them and basic fixes just in case there is a problem.

If these are not in place, then it may become cumbersome for you as well as your students. So update yourself with the latest technology as you move forward towards the digitized world.

3. Set Up an adequate working environment

Even though you teach online, that does not mean that you can teach anywhere. So allocate a separate space for your work environment so that there are no distractions nearby such as TV, noises from outside and some other distractions.

Take time and make your place in such a way that it creates a pleasant atmosphere where you can concentrate more and yourself at peace. Make sure that whatever you are teaching, the students should understand easily and willing to learn more.

4. Innovate and Stimulate discussions

If you want a healthy classroom atmosphere, then you should discuss with your students then and there so that both can learn new things which will increase your thinking ability, and also you don’t have the feeling that you are teaching to some non-living thing.

So allow your students to make suggestions and share extra knowledge regarding the subject which will make the class interesting so that they can prepare easily for exams like IAS, IES and so on. So help them to think a lot and encourage them regularly.

5. Communicate regularly

Make sure that you communicate and make your presence then and there. First of all, introduce yourself and ask the students to introduce themselves, clarify their doubts then and there. Also, tell them that you will be available at this time so that they can contact to clarify the doubts. Give them proper instructions and guide them. Make them feel at ease. If they ask doubts and if you don’t know the answer tell them that you will tell definitely answer the questions in the comment sections as soon as you know the answer.

6. Motivate your students

This is one of the most important things you should do. Keep motivating and encourage your students so that they will be more confident and try to interact with you. Because most of the students will be shy and won’t talk even if they have doubts. So make them talk and keep motivating always. Try to interact with all the students and make them feel their presence so that they will have the courage to come forward and clarify the doubts.

7. Get the feedback

So after teaching, get the feedback from students so that you can further improve and keep your online classes going on without any loss.

This is the most important thing which you should do to make your classes better. So ask them any suggestions like whether you have to change the teaching style, you have to go a bit slower or faster.

There is anything to change technically like some issues which may come while teaching lessons. So you should ask every possible way to keep improving your way of teaching and also to learn a lot which will help you perform better.


These are some of the tips you should follow while teaching through online platforms and make sure to update your knowledge then and there. So be confident and keep improving your skills and learn a lot, this will help you to teach better.