how to Solve Hanging Problem In Smartphone in 5 simple tricks

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

How to solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

There are millions of Android users around the world and growing, but you know that every other Android user hanging or freezing in your Android-related problems are facing even call them, today I’m going to high prices Android smartphone available on smartphones.So solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks  problem in 5 simple tricks.


We all know that millions of people and for Android, the mobile phone operating system is one of the best Android phone, Android smartphone tricks how to solve hanging thinks there is some problem occurs because of errors or bugs in Android OS.


So if you are facing the same problem, then follow these smartphone tricks to solve hanging problems Android phones is due to several reasons.


Solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

       1.Increase Memory by Deleting Unwanted Data

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks


Know that almost every website to increase the speed of a website page? Whenever you call, you automatically have a website which is also known as cookies and cache visited the store uses.


These unwanted data, apps and other files in your phone memory, which tends to reduce the available memory will be stored in.
Solution :
This problem can be easily solved by setting.

Go to setting>Storage>Click on the cache and click on the ok to clear caches.


  1. Move Installed Application to the external memory

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

If you use too much of your smartphone application you can move some apps to the external memory. Moving applications to external memory are the best way to clear your phone’s storage space.

You can install the application directly in the external memory card and you can set the default memory to the external memory card.

Go to setting>storage>Tap on the SD card Storage

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  1. Use external memory to save Songs and other files

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

Phone calls using too much memory hang.To your songs, videos and other data to protect your Android phone got to solve the problem of hanging is the main reason.

You clicked the default memory to store photos and videos from the camera help as external memory and external memory can be moved by selecting your files.

To make the external memory as default memory read the second tip.

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  1. Factory reset options [Not Recommended]

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

Because it is not familiar I personally do not recommend this method with most of the browsers of Android users.Factory reset, websites, apps, and comes from all the previous method to delete unwanted files

Factory Reset All deleted files, apps, contacts, memos, so Android does not use this option.

Secure Process of Factory Reset:: smartphone tricks 

Memo Process Factory can delete your personal data like contacts, factory reset option so you will need to follow before performing the procedure safely.

Whenever you perform a factory reset process for your external SD card files.You can move all the backup files to back up, never forgotten.


  1. Use Cloud Storage

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

Your files you want to save for future use to store the dominating storage.If your memory card contains only those files that you need every day to need in the future to store and cloud storage to upload those files.

Final Words

Post 5 tips to solve the problem at the end of the Android smartphone to get to, I’d say that you loved this Android post.To know more about Eve nozzle tips keep visiting.

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