How To Download Videos From YouTube 2018 ( 3 Steps )

Are You Facing problem while downloading videos from YouTube?

Here is Solution:

I am Going to share my favority tools and trick which i use to download the YouTube videos.

In this busy schedule, You Don’t want to waste your time to download music and video songs from another website.

Because that website contains too much of Ads so you get problem while downloading the music or video songs.

The best to listen to the songs and music is YouTube.

Youtube is the world largest videos website. Where Youtube Is providing Offline Video download only for Android App and IOS App.

Youtube has designed only to watch the videos, not for download,many users want to download the favorite videos, to watch the videos offline many times whenever they want without wasting there Data.

There are many options to download videos from youtube like clipgrip and youtube videos downloader etc. but these tricks are hard to use.

So I am shareing very simple and easy trick. For this trick, you don’t need to install any kind of software or application on your laptop/ computer lets start.

Question Comes in your mind how to download youtube videos without any software.

Yes We Can Download, But here you can learn both with software and without software. You can also download from iPhone, MacBook, Windows and Android Devices.

Lets Go with Step by Step

How To Download Videos From Youtube With Software

There are many tools and software by using that you can download YouTube video easily.

Here are my favorite Free Software which i personally use in my daily life.

if you want to know more about software then check out the article from phoneradar about best free youtube downloader.

Lets Start The Process Step-By-Step using FDM ( Free Download Manger)

Step 1: Download FDM Software ( Download FDM )

How To Download Videos From Youtube Without Any Software

Today’s all website has URL on the top and many websites allow to download the videos from URL you need to just copy the URL and paste the URL into the software my trick is same but you don’t need to copy or paste the URL something.

Note these step will not work in school or office that blocking youtube

Here Is The Step By Step Process

Step 1: Go And Open

First Go to the youtube page and select video which one you want to download, just open the video and pause the video.

Step 2: Change The URL Of The Video

Go to the URL on the top page don’t need to copy this just change the URL to to  as shown in given image below, just wait for sec new page will open.

how to download videos from youtube
how to download videos from youtube
  • On this new page, there is an option to download  just shown in given image
how to download videos from youtube

Step 3: Start Downloading Video

You can select the video clearest like MP4, HD etc

how to download videos from youtube
  • After Selecting video resolution now click on the download option the download will start automatically
how to download videos from youtube

By Following these Tips anyone can download the youtube videos without any software.

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