Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Hidden Secrets ( Latest )

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks


Snapchat is no more a simple picture app; it was back in the year 2011. These days you can add geotags, filters, and everything in between. If you’re always searching for ways to up your Snapchat activity, here are some hacks you must have in your collection that’ll make social media queen.


Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks (Step-By-Step)


1. Use emojis as filtersBest Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Are the normal filters just not doing it for you anymore? If you want a mild red, yellow-colored, or multi-colored filter, it does not take a magic. Instead, choose an emoji from the app of your choice, then increase it to your whole Snapchat display and shift it to either part where the area is pixelated and therefore see-through.

It’ll build a mild tint in color not instantly available in the app.


2. Switch lenses while recording the videos

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Double-tap your display between selfie perspective and rear-facing camera perspective while you’re shooting video clips to blunder with people’s thoughts and do some award-winning modifications.


3. Use the emojis as stencils

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Want to seem like quite the specialist without really trying? Place an emoji into your snap just like you normally would use then attract on it. Afterwards, take away the emoji and take all the credit for illustrating a great smiley face and also know what does snapchat emoji mean?


4. Color to reach hard areas by enabling zoom

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

If you go to the settings and when you simply click general, then Availability, both iOS and Android operating system have segments to simply just click (“Vision” and “Magnification Actions,” respectively) to allow zoom capability. Now whenever you use the snapchat again, you’ll be able to zoom capability into all those challenging places and attract what you want to make unique snaps.


5. Take screenshots without knowing your friends

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Airplane mode is good for more than traveling. If you want to take a display shot without the app informing a buddy, turn aeroplane mode on, start Snapchat, take the screenshot and then near Snapchat, but be sure that it’s not operating passively on your phone. Then, convert airplane mode off. Poof, your buddies will have no concepts you took a stealthy screenshot. Just be sure to keep it to yourself.


6. See your snap as many times as you want

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Want to keep watching a picture or movie someone sent you without any limit? Then open the app’s “Chat” function by swiping up when you’re looking at an individual just click, and Snapchat will instantly lock up a picture or let you show videos clip on doing it as many times as you want regardless of the clock your buddy set.


7. Add your friends without their names & phone numbers

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

Click on ghost symbol at top of your Snapchat screen, then just click “Add Friends” and use the app’s “Add Nearby” choice to find individuals the same area as you. Have someone open it up at some point for a breeze including.

8. Use multiple filters to any snap

Best Snapchat Tips, Tricks, Hacks

It’s an option that’s been around for several weeks now, but everyone is still determining it out. Choose your first filter, then keep your hand down on display and run as you would for any other filters. Voila, you’ve got some quite interesting snaps.


What do you think about this snapchat tricks? Have you tried it before? Have you noticed any difference missed tricks? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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