4 Easy Tips to Edit Music When Creating a Video

Adding music to a video can help to set its tone and have a profound influence on its pace. That being said it isn’t as easy as just finding a music track that you like and dropping it into your video, as you will need to thoughtfully edit the music to ensure that it fits.

If you want to add music to one of your videos, there are a few tips in particular that could help you edit them much more effectively:

Decide where exactly you want to add music to the video

Just because you’re adding music to your video it doesn’t mean it needs to be added throughout your video. Instead, you could just add short clips of music to the start and end (bookends) or at certain other points throughout the video.

Of course, you’ll need a music cutter to do that but most video editors should let you cut and insert music quite easily. For example, you could try the Movavi Video Editor.

Try suddenly dropping the music for dramatic effect

Sometimes dropping off the music just as it builds up is a great way to create a dramatic effect. To pull this off you’ll have to find exactly the right moment in both the video and the music track that you’re using and time it accordingly.

While this is a great effect to use when editing music – it should be employed sparingly. If you use it too often within a video it will dilute its effect, as it is no longer ‘surprising’.

Loop music segments to adjust for length and timing

Unless you happen to be incredibly lucky, the length and timing of the music you’re using aren’t going to match your video perfectly. One way to adjust for length and timing while still keeping the music playing is to find segments that you can loop and repeat.

Assuming you’ve decided you want background music throughout your video, you should look for music tracks that you can loop – as you’ll probably need to at some point or other.

Cut on beats

Tips to Edit Music When Creating a Video

One of the most popular ways to edit music and videos together is to cut the video on the beats of the music. What that means is that you’ll cut the video and transition it from one scene to the next based on the beats of the music track that you’re using.

By using this technique you’ll inject some rhythm into your video, and influence its pace. Because of that, the music track you use needs to be paced at the speed you want your video to end up at.

If you’re looking for more ways to cut and edit music for videos, you might want to look into some music video editing techniques. While slightly different editing music videos use much of the same principles, and you could learn a lot from them.

In any case, you should be able to use the tips listed above as a starting point when you edit music to add it to your video. Make no mistake it is a bit of an art, and it will take some experience for you to fully appreciate how music can affect your videos – and how to use that to your advantage.