Strongest Flashlight Apps: Best 4 App EveryOne Should Download in 2019

Cell phones have changed how we live our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Not only can we message and call our friends and family, but we can also play games, watch TV shows, measure our heart rate, and even photoshop our selfies for posting on social media.

With so many features packed on our phones, sometimes the most important ones can easily get lost in the mix.

If I had to mention one feature I can’t live without, it is the ability to turn our favorite mobile device into a flashlight. Many more times than once, turning my cell phone into a powerful light source has truly been a lifesaver.

So, with 2018 coming to an end, I decided to do some research to find the best flashlight apps I could use on my phone.

After spending some time on the web, I came across a top 10 list of supposedly the best flashlight apps.

Best 10 Flashlight Apps

I tested some of the apps and reviewed my top 4 favorites.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight (Android) – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 500M+

My first pick for Android users is Super-Bright LED Flashlight. I found it to be great for turning your cell phone into the brightest flashlight possible, as the light you get is much brighter than the one you get with the flashlight that comes with your phone.

I also liked the customization options for setting up a strobe light effect, which can be great for parties or letting someone know where you are.

Although I loved the flashlight power you can get out of your phone, I wasn’t quite fond of the battery charging monitor feature. However, when it comes to getting the most light from your phone, I find it hard to beat!


  • Pros: Brighter than your standard phone flashlight, strobe light customization options.
  • Cons: Pointless battery charging monitor.
  • Overall: Great for getting the best flashlight you can from your phone, but you may not be interested in the bonus battery charging feature.


Flashlight (iOS) – Rating: 5.0

My first pick for iOS users is Flashlight.

I found it to be particularly handy as you can turn your cell phone into a powerful flashlight, while using a compass and a mini-map at the same time, so you can easily get around in the dark! I also liked that the interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to access any of the features quickly.

Another plus I found is that you can easily adjust the brightness of the flashlight using a touch dial!

The only drawback I found is that you do see ads every now and then. However, I didn’t find them to be intrusive and they only appear when you are using the app.

Thankfully, the ads don’t don’t interfere with the light function and they are also easy to close out of.


  • Pros: Customized flashlight intensity, integrated compass with mini-map.
  • Cons: Pop up ads.
  • Overall: Get around in the dark with an integrated flashlight, compass, and mini-map, but you will see ads every now and then.


Flashlight – Brightest Flash Light (Android) – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 1M+

My second pick for Android users is Flashlight – Brightest Flash Light. I liked that not only does it turn your cell phone into a bright LED flashlight, but that it also has an SOS feature for emergency situations.

Like Super-Bright LED Flashlight, you can also set it up like a strobe light by easily adjusting the blinking frequency. Another feature I liked is that you can set up customized screen flashes for incoming phone calls, so you never miss a call ever again, even if you forget to turn up your ring volume.

Although I didn’t have any issues, I noticed that some users reported bugs with the app. However, apparently, the issues have been addressed as the developers recently rolled out an update and there hasn’t been a complain since.


  • Pros: SOS feature, customized strobe light, phone call screen lighting options.
  • Cons: Past versions had bugs.
  • Overall: Be ready and alert with customized phone call flash options, SOS features and more, but make sure you update to the latest version to avoid past bug issues.


Flashlight (iOS) – Rating: 4.0

My second pick for iOS users is Flashlight. Like my other picks, you can use your phone both as a flashlight and as a strobe light. Another plus I found is that you can also activate an SOS signal with a single tap.

I also really liked that you can activate the phone’s light beacon remotely using your Apple Watch, which is great for finding your phone when you’ve misplaced it.

At first, I found the interface to be so simple that I wasn’t sure how to use the flashlight, strobe and SOS features. Although I didn’t find a user’s manual, with just a few taps I easily learned to use all the tools, as the interface is not overcrowded with unnecessary bonus features.


  • Pros: Customizable flashlight and strobe light options, SOS feature, Apple Watch compatibility.
  • Cons: No instructions or user’s manual.
  • Overall: Quickly use your phone as a flashlight, strobe light and more, but it may take some trial and error if it is your first time using the app.

So, these are my favorite 4 apps for turning your cell phone into a powerful flashlight. No need to search your house or car for flashlights, when everything you need is in your front pocket. Whether you need a quick light source, or you want to call someone’s attention with a handy strobe light, I’m certain these flashlight apps will make your life much easier!