5 Factors to Consider While Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Evolution of Internet Service Provider:

The internet is the thing that we encounter with our lives every day. Without it, our routines would have gone much worse and slower.

Like other technologies, the internet has also developed to an extreme level. We can quickly feel a difference between the internet in the initial years of the 21st century and the internet that we use today.

We can have the internet service through various forms, i.e., DSL, Cable, Satellite, Cellular, and Fiber-optic. Satellite is expensive and is used by people living in remote areas.

The cellular network is only used by mobile phones, so it also has a less portion of the internet usage. Much of the world relies on DSL, Cable, and Fiber Optic. So we will discuss these services.

In the US, internet service is provided by the companies who also offer other home services like cable TV and voice. So there is a benefit to the customers that they will enjoy all the services through a single provider which ultimately compels the provider to deliver better services for customer satisfaction.

Some of the top providers are Comcast, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, and Verizon. All of them attract the customers through different offers and packages.

Things You Should Demand From Provider:

But before going to a final yes, there are many factors which should be counter-checked. We will guide you that what you should demand from the provider. These factors will serve as rating factors to the provider. By these factors, you should make your selection.

1.Real Fast Speed

First of all, the customer should check the speed of the internet that the provider has mentioned. Then demand the real speed that they offer. Many companies give different rate than they claim to provide. Then, check the speed by meeting with an existing customer of that provider.

Users can also ask the company for a speed test. It will show you the difference between the claimed speed vs. actual speed.

2.Data Limit

Compare all the providers’ packages and check the limit of the bandwidth they offer. We need enough data for online streaming, video gaming, Wi-Fi usage and personal use.

So we should select the provider which gives the unlimited data for the internet. Having unlimited data saves a lot of money, and everyone in the family can use the internet efficiently.

3.Reliability Matters Most

Having unlimited data with a faster speed connection is not enough; it also requires a smooth and stable service delivery. Only that provider should be chosen whose service quality is reliable.

For this purpose, customers should get a review from the existing users of the providers.

4.Privacy Protection

Before signing an agreement with the provider, read the contract and make sure that the company has done reasonable measures to protect your privacy.

Some companies may demand to use your data and information with some external organizations like Govt. agencies. So choose the one which satisfies your privacy standards.

5.Security Protection

With the growth of the internet, threats to the users’ devices have been common. It can be in the form of online malware, virus program, malicious web link, or any unauthorized activity.

While selecting the internet provider, also check the security measurements of the provider. If they have not enough arrangements, customers have to buy anti-virus software separately. But fortunately, some of the providers relieve its customers with a security system included in the package. One such provider is Charter Spectrum.

It gives you a free online security suite. The suite is available only when the customer selects any of the Charter Spectrum TV Packages. This suite automatically blocks any unauthorized attempt on the users’ devices.

Moreover, it automatically installs the latest security updates against the malware. Based on these factors, we find that Charter is efficient to meet all these requirements.

Here’s a quick look to its services for customers’ comfort.

Charter Packages

Charter has packages bundled for all three services (Internet, Phone, and TV) named as Triple Play. It is further divided into three categories. The only difference in the types is the channel lineup for the TV service.

  • Triple Play Select: 125+ channels
  • Triple Play Silver: 175+ channels
  • Triple Play Gold: 200+ channels

Some other significant features that are included in all packages are:

  • 100 Mbps internet speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Wi-Fi router
  • Unlimited free local calling

So whenever you plan to select the internet service, don’t forget to verify the service according to these factors.

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