How to Download GB WhatsApp for Android, Features

download GB WhatsApp for Android

These days almost every Smartphone user need models of every app. This situation is created due to dozens of policies and obligations created by several app developers. Although those policies are there to create a safe and secure environment for their users.


But as we all know we humans do not feel comfortable in boundaries thus we demand various modes which can give us ample of features and lots of customization option to make our experience more fluent.


Are you wondering why I am here with this new article? You are not as you have read the title. Let’s now clarify the topic briefly. Today I am here to provide you a deep overview of the GB WhatsApp app Android. Gb WhatsApp is a treasure whereas normal WhatsApp is a basic chatting app.


Since in this techy era, there are dozens of models of WhatsApp that are available from different third-party providers. But my friends, most of the models either have some loops or they might have some bugs which affect the user experiences. GB WhatsApp is the best mode that you can use instead of Official WhatsApp.


But is it worthy to install to GB WhatsApp instead of WhatsApp? So, to justify our above-mentioned statement we will be providing you a list containing features of GB WhatsApp. Now let’s begin with different features and specification of this stunning model.


Features of GB WhatsApp :

 download GB WhatsApp for Android

If you are being irritated by some of your contacts then switching to GB WhatsApp will be a great decision. This app allows you to disable the calling features for some particular contacts. Whereas on official WhatsApp you only have the option to block your contacts.


If you are sharing your real-time picture and your front camera doesn’t have flash then clicking the photo in darkness is very frustrating. But if you are using GB WhatsApp then you might be familiar with their term selfie flash. This selfie flash will allow you to take a little brighter image as this will glow you Smartphone’s screen while capturing the photo.


Different people have different myths but we found that most common myth abuts modes it that original authority will ban them But GB WhatsApp is very safe and secure. You will not be banned from your usage of GB WhatsApp.


While using WhatsApp you might have noticed that while sending a broadcast message, you were capable of sending that message to 250 contacts only whereas in GB WhatsApp app you can send a single broadcast message to 600 people.


I am assuming that you people might have noticed that, if anyone sends us an image or media file then without downloading it or saving it on our device we can’t even get its thumbnail and sometimes we meet with some tragedies. But in GB WhatsApp you need not worry as you will have the access to see the thumbnails of media.


Still, are you thinking about GB WhatsApp, it’s natural but GB WhatsApp app is far better than original WhatsApp app. So, it is recommended to Download latest gbwhatsapp+ apk file and install GB WhatsApp quickly. Since it is not available on play store, you have to visit third party providers in order to download the apk file.


What do you think about this New GB Whatsapp? Have you tried it before? Have you noticed any difference In This GB Whatsapp? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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