Apologises ahead of Australian Open

Social media star Vanessa Sierra has apologised for divisive comments she made from inside hotel quarantine, saying the past few days have been “f***ing brutal”.

Sierra came under fire last week for a vlog from the hotel room she’s sharing with her tennis star boyfriend Bernard Tomic ahead of the Australian Open.

In an attempt to give fans an insight into what her life looked like, the 26-year-old complained about the food and about having to wash her own hair in quarantine, which she later said was taken out of context.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Sierra offered an apology to anyone she offended.

“During this time of COVID, a lot of people are going through s*** and struggling … so for the people I offended, I do apologise,” she said.

“It was not intended to upset anyone, it was just supposed to be lighthearted.”

In her latest update, she said she had not expected the comments to cause “so much drama”.

“It’s been really overwhelming. I’ve received death threats and so many abusive messages,” she said.

“My vlogs are intended for showing people my personal (life). I try and be honest and show people things as they are.

“I don’t think I really complained (that much) other than about the food and I do apologise to the chefs, they’ve made a big effort to improve the food.”

It comes as the Australian Open COVID-19 cluster balloons to nine cases, including three people who tested positive to the mutant B117 variant.

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