Watch: How ‘Jessica, we are live’ just became a national catch-phrase

Watch: How ‘Jessica, we are live’ just became a national catch-phrase

A testy exchange between two on-the-air broadcasters led to an excruciatingly awkward moment — and spawned a national catch-phrase.

#JessicaWeAreLive began trending on social media across southern Africa after the unfortunate occurrence on a Wednesday news broadcast of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation.

Jessica Kaimu, on the set to give a sports presentation, had taken issue with the introduction she was receiving from anchor Elmarie Kapunda. Kaimu cut her off: “No, you’re not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me and say, ‘Take it away.’”

After a beat, Kapunda said quickly: “Jessica, we are live.”

As the sign language interpreter in the inset screen sat with hands folded, the two women stared at each other, then at a camera, in cringe-inducing silence.

Finally, they were rescued by a graphic taking over the screen.

The broadcaster broke its official silence on the matter Thursday, with a spokesperson declaring: “What people heard and saw was something that was supposed to happen behind the scenes.”

Lazarus Jacobs, head of NBC’s board, elaborated to CNN: “There was no disagreement of any sort. The two ladies are good colleagues. … Once you realize that you are on the air and you’ve said something that might be inappropriate for the viewer, you basically freeze.”

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