Pinole residents near elementary school told to lockdown

Pinole residents near elementary school told to lockdown

Police in Pinole warned residents near Shannon Elementary School to remain in their homes early Monday because of law enforcement activity in the area.

In an alert posted on the Contra Costa County Community Warning System, police said the law enforcement activity was on Kildare Way between Marlesta Road and Kilkenney Way. Residents on Kildare Road between Marlesta Road and Tara Hills Drive were advised to stay indoors in the nearest place of safety.

Residents on Barkley Court also were advised to shelter in place.

Police advised residents to go inside and lock all doors and windows and to stay off the phone. They were advised against calling 911 unless there was a need to report a life-threatening emergency.

Authorities did not say immediately what was happening, or how long the lockout might be in effect.

Please check back for updates.

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