Browns fans jump off the bandwagon after Deshaun Watson trade

It looks like some Cleveland Browns fans will be rooting for other teams going forward as the Browns made the decision to trade for Deshaun Watson.

The Cleveland Browns made headlines when they were able to pull off a trade with the Houston Texans for quarterback Deshaun Watson, but it also looks like the Browns also made some folks angry in that same moment.

While many teams and fanbases wanted Watson playing for them, some were less than thrilled with the thought of having Watson representing their city and favorite franchise.

On Reddit, a number of Browns fans started seeking out other NFL teams and fanbases so that they could still have someone to support during football season.

Cleveland Browns fans seek out new teams to support after Browns trade for Deshaun Watson

Ultimately, criminal charges weren’t filed against Watson, but plenty of people are still critical of the quarterback following a large number of accusations being made against him. That criticism almost certainly isn’t going anywhere.

It shouldn’t be shocking that some Browns fans would object to this trade and the raise that the Browns subsequently gave Watson. It looks like Cleveland is betting big on Watson and there are some who seem less than thrilled about that.

At the moment, there are still a number of lawsuits pending against Watson. It remains to be seen how that entire situation will unfold. Criminal charges may not be in the picture for Watson and his legal team, but there are still some legal challenges that they will be navigating for the foreseeable future.

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