Bob Seger masterpiece ‘Live Bullet’ finally available again on vinyl

Bob Seger masterpiece ‘Live Bullet’ finally available again on vinyl

Bob Seger’s brilliant “‘Live’ Bullet” — one of the greatest concert recordings in rock ‘n’ roll history — is finally available again on vinyl.

Sure, you could’ve found it on CD, or streamed it online, very easily in recent years. But this multiplatinum offering from 1976, recorded live one year earlier at Cobo Hall in Seger’s hometown of Detroit, deserves to be heard on vinyl — which is the format that most long-time fans probably experienced it in the first place. (Although, some went the 8-track tape route instead.)

Just drop the needle on track one — “Nutbush City Limits” — and let it ride through all those terrific early Seger cuts, taking the time, of course, to flip/exchange records when necessary. (Interestingly, the 2-LP set was originally cut to be played on a stacked turntable spindle, meaning that after Side 1 ends, the second LP would drop — technically making that Side 2 of the set.)

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