How To Get Rich: 7 Best Proven Ways To Get Rich 2018

Want to be rich. Who doesn’t want to be rich and change their lifestyle?

Before this article, I asked many people which topic I should cover many of said how to become rich overnight.

There is no way to be rich overnight. But there is proven way to how to get rich.

There is some proven system how to get rich Step by step.

And there are many scams they promise you that you get rich in few months I really hate those spams. Don’t even Think about that spams.

One the Good example of those spams are MLM (Multi-level marketing) companies.

I hate such type of companies.

What these companies do actually they make fraud promise and broken promise. First, you should pay for the fraudulent scheme or action. And you join other people for this scheme.

MLMs aren’t the only get rich quick traps there are many which I have listed below

  • INTA Famous
  • Win a lottery
  • Become a Pro athletes

And there are many more. But there is no way to get-rich-quick traps if there is such a way all were doing same.

There is no way to be rich overnight. But there is proven way to how to be rich.

There are some proven system how to get rich Step by step

As I promise I am going to share all the proven system to get Rich.

All these steps which help you to get Rich these are not any scheme or Fraud.

By this system, many peoples are earning Millions of Dollars and they are millionaires. Chose any one of the System for Longtime which make you Guaranteed Rich.

7 Way How To Get Rich.

  1. Invest
  2. Hidden Income
  3. Don’t spend money on stupid things
  4. Start your own business
  5. Find the right job
  6. Get great at what you are
  7. Start Blogging

Let’s start one by one with more details.

1) Invest

how to get rich

Investing the best way to get Rich. The single and most important thing to make your Financial Future is investing.

As sooner you start you get rich fast.

Just an example Now you’re 25 years old started to invest $500/ Months as low in index funds for next till you become 60.

How much Money You Make Do you know?

Here is your dollar $1,116,612.89

That’s right you become Millionaires just investing few thousand years.

Straightforward ways to invest money by which investor can grow money

  1. Fixed interest
  2. Treading shares

Fixed Interest

Fixed Interest is the one the safest investing and Easy you can start with very little capital. And it’s not difficult to setup and it is one of secure investment.

Keep remembering that no Investment is completely secure and many banks have been failed.

Trading share

Trading share is a Marketplace for buyers or seller where they sell stocks you can also earn money by buying or selling the stocks.

This is one of the best ways of straightforward investing.

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  • how to make money on the stock market

2. Tap hidden income

how to get rich

I’m not saying that you got the treasure or a money from your backyard.

Hear hidden income is saved money on your daily or monthly bills.

You are thinking how to save money?  On the monthly bill,

That’s right!

With from one call one time you can save hundreds of dollars on this bill. How to save on your daily or monthly bill you can save his money on your monthly bills like

  • telephone bill
  • gym plan
  • credit card
  • Cable
  • Life Insurance
  • car insurance

3 things you just need to negotiate with this company

  • Just call them
  • tell them “I am the greatest customers” and I don’t want to live because of some money issues
  • What you can do for me or lower my rate

Just follow these steps you can save Huge Amount of money this is hidden income which helps you get Rich.

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3. Don’t spend money on stupid things

how to get rich

 We have a bad habit that we will buy Stupid’s thinks which is not necessary at present time which makes your income low.

If you get your salary you will spend it on unnecessary things like clothes and other things which makes your income low.

Check out once before buying that figure out that thing is really Worth it or not. Here is list check out which you don’t want to spend money on it.

You make a plan for becoming rich.

  • Cigarettes heavy smoker can only watch that their money is going in the smoke.
  • Waste of money which you spend in movie theaters while buying candy, cold drinks, and ETC
  • A first-class plane ticket which you cost extra $1000, You are paying for a hot Towel and Extra space of leg room. You can Invest that money in better place.
  • Travel in public transport which can save your money.

There are many thinks if I say continuously the post will be lengthy. At last, I want to say save money where you getting changes of saving.

4. Start your own Business

how to get rich

One of the Good thing to become a rich that is become your own boss I mean to say that start your own business.

This is one of my favorite answer to the Question “How to get rich” I have always believed that there is always limit to save money but there is no limit to earning money.

If you have good knowledge & talent about some thinks you can start of your own.

If you don’t have money to get your own shop or office. You can work as a freelancer for home and make a good income by side.

Another best way is Online Business

Here you need your laptop and Internet and you’re earning starts.

The best type of online business start your own product and sell online with the help of a website. Many people are using technology and making Millions of dollar online.

If you don’t want to spend money website you can start blogging which really help you to grow your Business.  I have disuses more about blogging below.

Why I refer online business because there is no limit of costumer here you need just need Traffic to Your Site.

Check out this how to make millions Dollar from online business.

  • 250,000 people spending $4
  • 100,000 spending $10
  • 50,000 people spending $20
  • 10,000 people spending $100
  • 1,000 people spending $1,000

You just need 1000 people to buy your product cloud you get?

Behind every successful business, there is startup idea which makes that business successful.

I suggest you start your own business which makes you get rich.


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5. Find The Right Job.

how to get rich

Now getting to 5th Steps which most people are doing that is “JOB”. Only Doing Job will not make you Rich you need to find a Right job.

The higher grade you get the higher Salary you can. Do the survey before joining the job. Here is some highest paying job in the world.


  • Anesthesiologist Mean salary: $269,600
  • Surgeon get around Mean salary $252,910
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist Mean salary: $234,310
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Mean salary: $232,870
  • Orthodontist Mean salary: $228,780
  • Nurse Anesthetist Mean salary: $164,030
  • Petroleum Engineer Mean salary: $147,030
  • IT Manager Mean salary: $145,740
  • Marketing Manager Mean salary: $144,140
  • Podiatrist Mean salary: $144,110
  • Lawyer Mean salary: $139,880
  • Financial Manager Mean salary: $139,720
  • Sales Manager Mean salary: $135,090
  • Financial Advisor Mean salary: $123,100
  • Business Operations Manager Mean salary: $122,090

If you get these type of Jobs you become Millionaire in Just One Year this is Why I just you to find the right job.

6. Start Blogging

how to get rich

If you want to become millionaires than start blogging. Blogging one of the best ways to become millionaires.

This is the best ways for how to get rich on the internet.

What is blogging?  Blogging is sharing information through your blog.  Many of Blogger left there 9 to 5 job for the passion.

You need to Do there thinks to become a blogger

  • Find out your Fashion or best Niche
  • Get your domain and hosting which you cost around $10 for Domain and $10 for hosting/month you can get cheaper check out these post
  • Bluehost Coupon Code: Get 66% off + Domain and SSL Certificate Free
  • Bigrock 99 Domain Coupon: Get Domain

  • Make your own blog with WordPress
  • Now Check the top blogs from your niche and learn from those blogs
  • Now its time to start writing
  • once you started uploading post after uploading 30 posts you can apply for Adsense
  • Make sure your blog should have Terms and condition page & privacy policy.

if you don’t know how to write a blog post check out this old post which helps you to write posts.

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7. Get great at what you are

How To Get Rich

The last step to get rich is Do Great at what you are.  You are good or expert in one of the services you can use that knowledge to earn millions of dollar.

Let’s say my example I have knowledge about Digital marketing and I started my blog on digital marketing where I share my knowledge about digital marketing, SEO, Blogging and more about technology.

By this blog, I make enough money and this is not only one thing I do.

I work with the company to solve the digital marketing and SEO problem.  Them that company provides me some amount of money.

Like this, you can also start your own consulting company where you can solve the problem of your costumer & earn money.

This all proven ways will get Rich.

how to get rich


If you have any ideas to be listed you can comment below and tell me about this post.

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