Money Making Android Apps : 6 Apps That Makes Real Money 2018 (Free)

Mostly you will find yourself killing time by browsing on your mobile phone, playing games or just catching up with social sites.

However, these activities won’t pad your wallet. On the other hand, you have to spend a set amount every month as internet charge!

How about downloading and working on an app, which will help you earn bucks? Sounds interesting right? There isn’t any catch involved to this idea as there are multiple free and legitimate apps, which will help you to make money by watching videos, completing surveys, sharing photos, secret shopping and more.

These Best Android Apps will present you with modest pay and allow flexibility to earn bucks as per the permitted schedules.


For this app, you need to accumulate points called SB. You have to do that by searching the web, completing surveys, referring the app to your friends, watching videos and shopping in selected app’s mall. You have to complete special offers, find swag codes, vote in daily polls and enter fun contents through Swagbucks blog and social media.

These points can be redeemed for the gift cards from multiple stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target or even under PayPal cash.


A relatively new app in the market, Bitwalking helps you to earn Bitwalking Dollars for going about daily routine. It is a private beta phase but anyone can request an invitation to join the platform. After entering, you have to keep moving to earn.

Well, you have to move a lot for earning BW$. For $1, you have to work around 10,000 steps. During the launch, the company stated that you can redeem earning against items offered through its store, or you can get the amount transferred to your bank account. This service is still tested so it might change in near future.


As per CNET, you can get paid somewhat between $5 and $15 for putting ads on Android device through Slidejoy. Every time you check your smartphone, you will receive cards with news promotion or story. You can slide to the left to learn more about the story.

The slide at right to use the phone as normal and up for checking on another card. You practically don’t have to do anything for earning money. Keep cash you have earned or you can donate it to Got Your Six, Jericho project and more.


This is a promising app, where you get to turn your photos into cash. How you may ask. For that, you need to head towards Foap app right now.

All you have to do is upload photos on this app and sell it at Foap market. For keeping things really simple, each shot is about to cost you around $10 for buying. Creators will receive half of each sale made and then this cash will be transferred into a bank account.

What makes this app completely different from others is its simplicity and also ability to upload some shots directly from the phone, mainly from other photography applications like EyeEm, Instagram, Flickr and more.


Now, you can easily maintain your health and fitness goal and earn cash for that! You have to download the Pact app on your Android phone and make the weekly pact for exercising more or eating healthy. Use this application for tracking down your goals.

Every time you meet a goal, you will receive an average of around 30 cents to $5 on weekly basis. It solely depends on the activities you have completed. This app will rather act as motivation to lead a healthy life.

The activities will then be verified with photos, GPS, and other technologies. On the other hand, if you fail to meet your pact, you need to pay in return. So, it’s a hard day to make but worth it!


If you have old books in hand, start earning money by selling those. Thanks to BookScouter Android app, you can scan or even enter barcode number for comparing the buyback prices instantly from some of the leading book-buying websites.

You can choose buyer offering highest price. After that, ship your old book for free! Registering with this app is quite simple. All you have to do is enter the email address for creating an account, or you can try going through a host of social networks.


This particular app is for the users in the USA. However, if you are planning to head for mystery shopping tasks, then you can easily earn cash on behalf of your time.

Here in Mobee, you need to follow some basic tasks like going into stores, checking stock levels of any specified item, checking on customer service timing, clicking pictures and similar such tasks.

This app will display missions on the map view to find the nearby assignment. After you have completed it, the team will then check submission manually and credits points. Later you can exchange it for cash, gift cards or any other rewards.

So, be sure to head towards these apps and android development services, before selecting the one you like.

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