Top 5 JBL Headphones in 2018 (You Must Try)

jbl Headphones

Music is an important part of life and for someone like me, I just can’t complete a day without an hour or so of music and the last thing that I want is a pair of crappy headphones that don’t provide me with the experience that I want.

The best feeling in the world is to enjoy music like there is nothing else in the world and there are many brands that promise to provide so but actually very less are able to do so. JBL Headphones is one of such brands.

JBL has always been a pioneer in the headphones department and it continues to show its quality of product with its new range of headphones.

This is a company that provides you with the music experience which you just can’t miss. With clear acoustics and power packed bass, JBL headphones are just worth every rupee you pay. You can also avail discount on this headphone by applying some coupon codes when you shop online.

Below is the list of top 5 JBL headphones that I think are worth buying if you want to enjoy your music experience to its best.

1.JBL C100SI in-ear headphones

The all-new JBL C100SI is a pair of lightweight headphones that feel like air in your ears. It is a cool looking, dynamic pair of headphones that give you the best music experience. The powerful 9mm drivers present gives you the amazing sound quality and a heavy bass that you would want.

There is an inline mic present in it that allows you to attend calls. It has also got a universal remote which can help you to play/pause music or answer/cut a call. You also get two pairs of extra ear tips with these headphones.

These are really great for young students and those who are always on a go because they are ultra light and gives a powerful performance. It is available on every e-commerce website like Amazon, snapdeal, and Flipkart for a minimum of 799.

2.JBL T110 in-ear headphones

The JBL T110 is a great pair of headphones with the all-new JBL sound technology. They have 9mm drivers present in them that provide you with some top of the line bass and clarity of sound.

JBL have mastered the sounds of big halls and venues for the past 60 years and they have used their experience to design this masterpiece.

It is a very lightweight pair of headphones perfect for traveling and during physical activities. It has got a universal button incorporated into the design which houses the microphone through which you can attend any call on the go.

The remote can be used to answer or cut a call or change, play or pause music. The cable used is a tangle-free flat cable. This piece of beauty is available on Amazon for 899.

3.JBL T110BT wireless headphones

JBL has always been the best in the headphones department and it continues to show its quality of product with the JBL T110BT.

These are a set of Bluetooth earphones that provide you with the music experience which you just can’t miss. With clear acoustics and power packed bass, these are a must have earphones.

They come with 2 sets of extra ear tips and can be used to attend calls. Up to 8 hours of battery life and also quick charge. Amazon is giving 18% off discount on electronics over these.

4.JBL C300SI on ear headphones

The JBL C300SI is a great pair of wired on-ear headphones that provide great comfort and an amazing musical experience.

The on-ear design is created such that it automatically fits your ears for the best comfort and fit. The cups are so soft and lightweight that you won’t even know their presence.

Its powerful drivers provide a deep and rich bass and the acoustics are also very clear. These headphones are perfect for long listening sessions.

You can get this pair of headphone on practically every website and is available on Amazon at a discount of 67%. You can get this pair of headphones for RS. 999.

5.JBL T210 Pure Bass In-Ear Headphones

The JBL T210 is a stunning looking pair of headphones with a sturdy design. You get some amazing music output from this pair of headphones.

The driver housing is made up of metal as JBL does not compromise with the quality. The 3.5mm pin is gold plated to provide a seem less transfer of data.

The tangle-free flat cable is great in design as well as productive. The universal remote houses the microphone which can be used to attend calls. The button acts as a play/pause/call answer/call cut button. It is available on Amazon at a price of RS. 1050.

Amongst these top-class headphones by JBL, each and every one is amazing to listen to but surely the best output in terms of bass and clarity of the acoustic element is of JBL T210 Pure Bass headphones that give you both comfort, as well as performance.