17 Best Music Apps For Android To Discover New Music 2018

best music apps for android

There is no denying that life without music is boring. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone loves to download at least one music app so that they can keep themselves entertained while they are traveling or when they are sitting alone.

If you are looking for the top free android apps to download music mp3 downloader then here is a list of 17 best music apps for android you absolutely must try out.

1. Soundwave

Soundwave is an interesting combination of a music app and social media put together in one. This app not only enables you to listen to some interesting music tracks, but it also helps you to check out what other users on your list are up to and what songs they are listening to. This not only helps you to learn more about the latest trends in music but it also gives you an insight of what music is more popular.

2. Shazam

Multitasking is something that everyone likes to do these days mainly because there’s so much to do and so little time to complete it. This music app is ideal for those who love multitasking because unlike most of the music apps that need to be in the foreground in order for the app to work, Shazam works even when it’s in the background enabling you to do multiple things while listening to your favourite music.

3. Band of the Day

If you are not into popular music albums and songs and you like to discover new artists then band of the day is the perfect app for you to try out. Each day you will be introduced to a new artist or a band and you can listen to their songs for free. You will even manage to read their biographies and watch videos about their introduction.

4. Indie Shuffle

As the name suggests, Indie Shuffle is a combination of dance tracks that are old and new. This is an ad-free music app which is rare to find. If you love Indie pop and you don’t like advertisements this is a dream app for you.

5. Sonarflow

It’s not uncommon to get confused with regards to what kind of music you are in the mood for. With Sonarflow you can now check out the various genres of music that you can choose and all you need to do is click on the link to listen to the song. It’s fun and interesting and it’s more like a game.

6. Rormix

This is a simple music app that not only offers you some amazing old music but also some top remixes that you will enjoy listening to.

7. Bloom.fm

This app is similar to Pandora and it is available on Android as well as iOS devices. It’s easy and fun and you can listen to various kinds of music depending on what you are in the mood for.

8. Earbits

If Internet radio is your thing then this app is an absolute must-have. It’s a lot of fun to use and it’s very simple as well which makes it convenient for people who don’t have a lot of time in hand.

9. Pitchfork Weekly

If you want to try leaving your music choice in the hands of an application then this is one app that you might want to download. The app will choose a new audio or video for you to watch each week and based on your preferences it will constantly update your list with things that you might like.

10. Discovr

If you’re looking for a hip app then Discovr is something that you must download. From keeping up to what your favourite artists are up doing to checking out the latest song videos and photos you can get it all done here in this effective app.

11. Yap Music

This is an easy and effective app that is really simple to use and helps you to check out your favourite artists from time to time. You can listen to the latest song, check the Facebook feed and a lot more with this interesting app.

12. Shuffler.fm

Looking for a simple and user-friendly FM app then it is time to download Shuffler.fm.

13. Songza

This is an easy and user friendly app not only helps you plan the kind of music that you should listen to based on your mood but it also gives you suggestions. The app is available only in US and Canada currently.

14. Soundrop

This is another fun and innovative music app that you should definitely try out.

15. WhoSampled

WhoSampled has been around for a long time and this music app has only gotten better as the years have gone by. It is super user friendly and very interesting to use.

16. SoundTracking

Have you ever heard the song and wondered who the artist was? This app helps you figure it out almost instantly. The next time you hear a tune on a Facebook video or an Instagram video this app will help you figure out who the artist is.

17. Songkick

This app not only gives you a detailed playlist that suits your style but it also keeps on modifying your playlist depending on your music taste is from time to time.

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