Job Portals- A smarter way to search for a job

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the statistics obtained in 2020 revealed that the employment to population ratio has increased to 60.9 per cent from 2019. It is estimated that there are 5,479 employment opportunities in the Dubbo Region. Though there are plenty of jobs available, finding the right one with the desired remuneration is challenging. Not anymore! Ever since the advent of the internet, the popularity of job searching portals has grown by leaps and bounds.

People on the lookout for jobs in Dubbo can now accelerate their chances for better career prospects with reliable and trusted job search portals. Besides being an excellent resource for job seekers, these portals allow you to post your resume, create custom searches, and, most importantly, help you stay in the loop for your career category. Still, if you are not convinced to sign up for them to expedite your job search, read on! Here are a few essential things about online job portals.

Job postings/ Job Boards/ Job listings

Online job portals offer easy access to an extensive collection of job vacancies for job seekers. Besides this, these portals have filters that help the users narrow down the searches, enabling job seekers to focus on their preferred job opportunities. Plus, they allow you to post your CV/ profile online, and all that comes free of cost.

Types of job sites

There are two types of job websites. First, they are recruitment sites that list the various job opening and enable you to apply on the company sites directly. Such websites offer you links to different recruitment sites and agencies and allow you to find a suitable vacancy in your desired industry. The second type is the ones that the recruitment agencies run. You are required to register your application or post your CV with them. And possibly before that, you will have a chat about the type of job you are interested in, your qualifications, and other additional information to assist you in finding a suitable job.

Advantages of online job portals

Here are a few advantages of signing up on job search portals.

Regular job alerts

A good job portal will provide you with regular job alerts whenever a suitable vacancy comes in. It means it will not let you miss out on a chance to apply for your most desired job and kick-start your career.

One resume; many jobs

If you have signed up, you will see many job listings. Access to more and more job listings means more opportunities to find the right job.


The job portals keep all your information, including skills, achievements, personal information, completely private until and unless you allow them to share your details with your future employer.

Recruiter contact you

The most significant advantage of online job searching is that you don’t need to contact recruiters; recruiters will call you if your application is shortlisted. Yes! Prospective employers looking for talented candidates will contact you. Just make sure your profile is fully complete.

Specialist Sites

In the past few years, online job websites have surged in popularity. As a result, you find more specialised websites that help you search for a job in a particular profession, industry, geographic region, or even in a specific city or community. On these websites, you will find more detailed job postings. For example, if you are interested in jobs in Dubbo offering managerial positions, you can use the specialist sites to expedite your search. These are designed to streamline the application process and make finding a job easier and quicker.



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