The Best Cheap Car Insurance for Veterans 2021

The Best Cheap Car Insurance for Veterans 2021

According to Value Penguin, the best car insurance for veterans is available through USAA and GEICO. Their prices are $1,053 and $1,154 respectively. Each of these providers does have certain benefits to people with a military background. Let us look at their services in more detail.


They are well known for being the best insurance company for active and former military personnel in Marines, Navy, National Guard, Air Force, National Guard, and Coast Guard. They have been providing insurance since 1922. USAA only offers its services to people with military backgrounds or affiliations. These include:

  • Military veterans
  • Active members
  • Eligible family members
  • Individuals enrolled in advanced ROTC
  • Students holding ROTC scholarships

USAA also provides deployed members a 15% discount on comprehensive coverage if the vehicle is stored within a military base. This further reduces the rates by 60%. With the right selection of coverages and discounts, you could potentially pay a lot less than the annual average of $1,053.

Furthermore, they provide top-notch customer service and fulfill their customer needs.


GEICO has some of the cheapest rates and best discounts available for veterans and active-duty military personnel. Their coverage options are extensive and include important policies such as bodily injury, liability, collisions, and comprehensive insurance.

In addition to this, they also employ a dedicated staff od former military veterans. This way, they’re able to understand customer needs and point of view very well.

One of the best things about GEICO is their discounts for military personnel. Whether you are an active-duty member or a retired veteran, they offer a 15% discount on car insurance rates. Federal employees or retired military who’ve held federal jobs also benefit from discounts on their monthly premiums.

Additionally, GEICO also offers discounts if you’re deployed in an emergency. The discount will apply when you’re deployed to areas of danger such as floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.

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