Make Punjabi-Style Aloo Mooli Ki Sabzi In The Passing Winter Season (Easy Recipe Inside)

Winter seems like a fleeting season that arrives with a bang and goes way just when we finally acclimate to it. Just like the season, the special winter produce is also short-lived, and foodies like us try to savour all the winter foods while they last. Mooli (radish) is one such that is not to be missed out on. Rich in vitamins and iron, mooli, with its pungent flavour, tastes very good when turned into a dish. If you are a Punjabi, you must have been served mooli ke parathe almost every morning. Paratha is he most popular dish that mooli is used for. But there is another Punjabi-special recipe with mooli that might not be very common but tastes just as amazing. 

Aloo mooli ki sabzi is another dish that you must try if you haven’t already. Dry aloo ki sabzi is one of our favourites, we just added the magical flavours of mooli to make it another superb sabzi. Have with paratha, roti, naan or simply use it as a filling for stuffed paratha, this sabzi will not disappoint you.  

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Make Punjabi-Style Aloo Mooli Ki Sabzi In The Passing Winter Season (Easy Recipe Inside)

A key benefit of including radish in your diet is its impact on your blood pressure levels.

Punjabi Aloo Mooli Ki Sabzi Recipe I How To Make Aloo Mooli Ki Sabzi 

Click here for the recipe of Punjabi aloo mooli ki sabzi.

This simple yet dynamic sabzi can be made easily at home. All you need to do is saute chopped radish and potato along with common spices and cook till soft. This sabzi will taste even better if you use radish leaves also. The leaves will impart their bright green colour, fresh flavour, and crunch to it.  

Do try this aloo mooli ki sabzi recipe if you don’t want to regret experiencing the robust flavours of mooli one last time.  

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