How to Boost Immunity system in travel time

With the holidays upon, many of us as been planning to travel and explore new places. Due to COVID lot of things has been changed in our world and travel habit, In 2021 roll on with new things that are made mandatory like wearing a mask while boarding the flight and PCR Tests, Proofs for travel and many more. 

As we came back to travel again our 1st priority is to stay healthy. 

Here are the top 3 tips to boost your immunity system in your travel time. 

1 ) Eat Well & Stay Hydrated  

Don’t wait until you are thirsty, if you feel thirsty it means that you are already dehydrated. Keep drinking enough water thorough out the day to keep your body working normally. 

Try to eat fruits and veggies because many of them contain a high percentage of water, which help to keep hydrated thought out your travel day.

2) Exercise and user vitamin Supplements 

Your Immune system is your defence mechanism to fight infections and illnesses in your body. It destroys germs, viruses and bacteria and keeps you healthy. 

If your immune system is not so strong then bacteria and viruses take hold of you and make you sick. To Maintain your immune system have a healthy diet and exercise, which are directly connected to your good immune system. 

Do some yoga in your hotel room to keep yourself fit, Another best way to increase and maintain your immune system strong get some Immune Support Supplement which helps you a lot. You can download some yoga & exercise apps to keep you motivated.

3 ) Get enough Sleep 

Sleep is the best which maintain your immune system, have enough sleep during your travel time, because you are bound to lose sleep, due to different time zone, earlier flights, late flights, or late-night conversations with your colleagues, friends and family. Lack of sleep can reduce your productivity and health as well. 

So try to commit yourself to having a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in your travel time or have some power nap in between the work to cover up your sleep. Most of you use their flight time to sleep, make sure that get a window seat the enjoy your sleep. 

Lastly include some activities in your business trip or any other trip, provide you and your mind relax and more productive. 

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