VPN vs Proxy: The Definitive Guide in 2018

VPN vs Proxy: The Definitive Guide in 2018 with (vpn proxy server list)
[VPN vs Proxy] The internet is a pretty amazing source of information, communication, and entertainment, that’s a well-known fact. However, as the internet evolved over the years, it has also become a scary place; a place where either your own private information can be confiscated turning your life into an endless race to secure your identity and also a place where a company’s private business can be stolen and sold to the highest bidder.

For these reasons, safer internet practices are a necessity. To combat the possibilities of losing private information to the sneaky internet spies, more and more private consumers and companies alike are fighting back through the use of VPNs and Proxies.

Although both VPNs and Proxies are similar in that they are both weapons of internet defense, they differ more than they relate. The only thing that both VPNs and Proxies do is fib about your location. In other words, whether using a VPN or a Proxy, the user’s physical location will be indeterminable. It may look like the user is in Milan when they are actually in Indianapolis; a pretty helpful security feature.


Which One is Safe?

VPN vs Proxy: The Definitive Guide in 2018 with (VPN Proxy Server List)

AS Far As Differences Go, A VPN Server Will Outweigh A Proxy Server In Terms Of Security Measures.

Compared to the Proxy, the VPN is a safety show-off. When connected to a VPN server, any data inputted is encrypted and transmitted through a tunnel within the VPN server. Basically, anything input while connected to a VPN will not be decipherable to any snooping eyes.


whether the VPN user is shopping, streaming videos, or sharing precious work-related Intel, their time on the internet is hidden in the secret VPN tunnel. In contrast, Proxies do not encrypt any inputted data, leaving the user vulnerable.

Another tool in the VPN’s arsenal is the fact that it offers a more customized defense on the internet. A Proxy is solely browser-based which means that the user is only protected while using their internet browser. To make protection even more difficult for a Proxy, not all web pages use browser-based technology, thus making the protection utterly nonexistent.

In essence, if a Proxy server is being used, the user may actually be under the false assumption that they are using the internet undetected.

However, many hackers have the proper tools to get around Proxies and since the information is not being encrypted, any information transmitted may be easily accessed.

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On the flip side, if a VPN is used, the user is able to extend internet browser protection to other apps and computer programs. This means that, unlike Proxies, VPNs offer more of a full-computer protection rather than just browser-based protection. But remember, even then, proxies do NOT encrypt data.

Based on the evidence given in this article, it’s clear to see which of these two is more secure. VPN’s do often require more setup than Proxies do, but this issue is often dealt with by the VPN developers who, many times, offer 24/7 customer support and easy-to-setup programming.

In fact, most VPNs nowadays boost these qualities, whether it be for a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS system.


When It Comes To Cost, Private Proxies Can Be Pretty Similar To The Price Of Using A VPN.
VPN vs Proxy: The Definitive Guide in 2018 with (VPN Proxy Server List)

Both Proxy and VPN services can run a user anywhere from free to $100+ per year. With that said, given a user may be paying around the same, wouldn’t more security be a better option? A lot more safety for not much money seems like the obvious choice.

There are a lot of VPNs that cost under $100 per year and even offer monthly payment plans under $10 per month. Read more to see the list of the fastest VPNs available in 2018.

In reality, this may have sounded like a one-sided argument, but Proxies do still have their place in the internet world. Experts agree that the best usage of a Proxy is when the user is using websites restricted by regions or if they would like to get around IP-based limitations. Really, those are the only two reasons a Proxy might be a better choice; the user simply wouldn’t need as much protection in these instances.

It is easy to see who the clear winner is in the security field when considering a Proxy versus a VPN However, when it comes down to it, which one a user chooses is merely a matter of how big they want their weaponry to be when fighting the internet security battle.

VPN vs Proxy

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