New templates to create original holidays cards in 2020


The holidays are here. Year after year, it’s a season marked by sending and receiving an endless amount of holiday greetings. But why stick with a traditional holiday card when you could try something different? If you want something new, fun, and interactive, then Genially is what you’re looking for. Let’s bring holiday greetings to life this year!

Do you remember being a kid and impatiently waiting to open all your presents? With Genially, the magic of the holidays is now in your hands! Make your friends and relatives feel like kids again by sending them interactive holiday greeting cards. They will have to explore all the elements on the card to discover awesome hidden content like gifs, videos, pictures and more. Want to give it a try?

Creating a holiday card with Genially is simple and intuitive – in just a few seconds, you’ll have your greetings ready to go! However, if you have any doubts during the creation process, here’s a post in which we’ll explain how to create them.

You can share your interactive holiday greetings made with Genially with your loved ones by sharing the link through e-mail and social media platforms.

If you like any of these holiday cards and want to customize them to give your friends and relatives a surprise, create a free account with Genially or access your profile if you already have one, go to “Create Genially,” and search “postcard.” You will find several holiday themed cards to choose from!

You just have to use your imagination, and Genially will take care of everything else!

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