Google Webmaster Tools Guide for beginners (Step By Step)

Google Webmaster Tools Guide

Google Webmaster Tools Guide

There are a lot of ways in which newcomers to the world of Digital Marketing try getting their SEO rankings go up, be it adding keywords or making backlinks, a lot of tricks used are used by them, a lot of permutations’ and combinations made, but they still fail to outgrow their competitors.


The worst part is that they don’t even know what part of their strategy is going wrong, the solution to which and a great guide to fruitful SEO campaigns is the Webmaster Tool.

The Need For Webmaster Tools (Why)


Of course, one can always get paid traffic on their site by Google’s PPC program, Google AdWords, but even to use all these tools to their optimum usage, one needs something that shows them how best can a particular tool be used also, act as a mediator between him and Google.


For this Google Webmasters Tools aka Google, Search Console comes into play. This comes for free and helps the users maintains and monitors the presence of a website in Google Results.


How Google Console Helps You (How)

Google console helps the site in a number of ways, such as:

  • It tells you whether or not does Google has access to your site’s content.
  • It helps you submit new content on which robots can crawl.
  • It gives you a view from the world’s eyes, which means you can see how your site is shown to the world by Google.
  • It helps you maintain and monitor your site’s performance without intervening with the working and the position that you are in at that point of time to search performance.
  • It helps you protect your website from various kinds of viruses and malware.
  • It helps you create content that delivers really engaging results, more than that one can also get rid of the rid of the excess content that has no play in the Search Engine Response Page (SERP).


Who All can Use Google Console (Who)


Google Console is everyone’s friend when in the world of Digital marketing, everyone who wants to be aware of what he/she is doing can use this tool to get an insight of the working of his site. It could be a website owner, online portal owner, a blogger. Anyone from a newcomer to someone who is highly proficient in the field of Digital Marketing can use this tool for ease and get better results in whatever they are doing. It can help people of every type:


  • A Business Owner- An owner will be able to track his/her company’s progress and will keep tabs on whatever results the present strategy is yielding.
  • A Web Developer- Search console would help the developer deal with the basic issues like errors in structured data and help them create a good site using markup code.
  • An SEO Specialist- A specialist is a specialist because he has more knowledge than others, in order for him to be one step ahead of the world, and in order for him to monitor the efforts that he has put in, he needs to use the Google Console


These are just some of the things that one needs to know about Webmaster Tools, to know more of anything about Digital Marketing, enroll at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi.


What do you think about this Google Webmaster Tools Guide? Have you tried it before? Have you noticed any difference In This Google Webmaster Tools Guide? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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