Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers in 2018

Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

Blogging is no doubt interesting but it doesn’t mean everybody will succeed. If you have chosen to blog just for making good money you may not get expected success. Make blogging your passion and make great efforts not to quit, blogging needs a lot of patience and dedication.

Professionals would not come to you and reveal their secrets which made them a successful blogger, thus in this post, I have featured top 10 habits of highly efficient bloggers and this list is surely going to boost your blogging career.

Have you ever think why some people get success in blogging, on the other hand, many people struggle to keep their spirit of blogging alive. The reasons could vary from people to people but there are few common thing efficient bloggers do.

Blogging provides us a comfort zone no doubt, but it requires a lot of hard work. You have to change your aspect towards life and have enough courage to face the failures. Of of the most common habits of successful or efficient bloggers is that they refused to quit their hardest time and that’s why they survive and achieved what they have planned.

Let’s check out the list of those 10 habits of successful or highly efficient blogger.

1.They write a lot

Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

What is the best way to improvise your writing skills and the answer is consistent writing? You want to make your blog post enough effective but ends up with lack of words. You will be good at it if you will write a lot. No matter if you are not going to add a killer post to your blog, write at least 1000 words daily.

This will surely increase your writing speed as well as the quality of your writing. Writing often will improve your writing skills and help you in adding more words to your vocabulary.

Your content is your online identity, people here recognize you with your words more than your face. Even if you are not going to add posts on your own blog then do guest posts. Guest posts will also help you in engaging with more people and this also helps in establishing relationships with like-minded people in the blogosphere.

2.Blogging calendar

Efficient and successful bloggers are great planners too. They have a blueprint of the task they are going to finish. Successful people have a to-do list of their tasks and always move ahead in a well-planned and managed way.

If you haven’t scheduled your blogging its time to make some change in your strategies. What are the benefits of creating a blogging calendar, you ask? Below here I have listed some benefits of creating a blogging calendar.

#It helps you in hitting the timelines

#Makes your tasking more manageable

#Content calendar makes your more professional

#It helps in completing tasks in the given deadlines

#It helps in figuring out the blogging elements which are not working

3.Digestible content writing style

Writing more doesn’t mean to write something shit. If you have noticed ever the professionals make their content effective as well as digestive. They make a great effort in creating content which is easy to understand no matter if their audience is familiar with that particular topic or not.

Putting more new words on your blog is great but what if those words are not capable of giving a meaning to your content? It will be a total disaster and nobody wants that.

What are the ways of making a content easy to digest and understandable? Few ways are featured below and will help you in making your content digestible this year and further.

#Write short paragraphs

#Use bullets points and make lists

#Use relevant images and infographics

#Make it simple and relatable

#Never go out of the topic

#Add humor, it helps in building relationships with the readers.

4.Make small goals to achieve big

Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

If you want to survive in this competitive world you have to make a great effort but it doesn’t mean to spend sleepless nights behind your PC screen. If you have something bigger to achieve then divide it into smaller pieces. Doing this will make your tasking easier and you will able to complete it at your scheduled time.

Blogging needs passion and patience thus you have to be the great planner to achieve more in blogging. As for example if you want to engage with top professionals, create quality backlinks and improve your writing at the same time, you can do all the thing by doing guest posts and leaving good comments on relevant niche blogs.

5.They build relationships

Have you ever get noticed by the top bloggers in the blogging industry? If the answer is yes then congratulations you have great skills of building relationships and if the answer is no, you must work on building relationships with like-minded people of your industry.

But here’s the question occurs, why the top bloggers will notice you and your blog anyway? Clearly, it is not difficult enough. It may take time but the outcomes will be awesome. Here I have listed few ways which will help you in engaging with top bloggers and influencers this year and further.

It will be great to connect with your readers too. This can be done by responding them via comments and providing valuable feedbacks on social media platforms. It may be not possible to respond to every tweet or message but make effort to respond often.

#Leave quality comments

#Add 9 posts to your blog and do 1 guest post

#Promote top influencers

#Have to ever tried roundups? Roundups are one of the greatest  tools for engaging with top bloggers

#Make lists of top bloggers in your industry and promote it on social media

#Provide valuable content for your readers

#Include interviews to your blog if possible, this is more personal to anything else and readers will love to hear from the top bloggers through your blog

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6.Obviously, they are consistent

Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

Blogging is not like a fixed deposit bank account where you will get a good amount of interest on the money you have saved. You have to be consistent and update your readers on your blogs.

If you have created a loyal community of readers, the chances are very high of losing them if you are not consistent. Consistency keeps you in the race and helps you in getting more juice from the search engines too.

The more you write, comment, do guest posts, promote your blog, engage with professionals and make effort to create huge readers community your blog gets more SEO friendly resulting in higher ranking in search engines.

7.Readers are valuable for them


Efficient blogger not only writes for the search engine bots. They work smartly and always make effort to make their blog reader-friendly as well as SEO friendly.

If you have a huge community of loyal readers it just because they find your blogs useful. They hear to you for some reason and the reason is that they come to learn something from your blog.

Efficient bloggers are the great storytellers and you must learn to write blogs in a storytelling tone. Make effort to provide quality content and never do anything which can turn off your visitors.

Always make effort not to post anything which is none of your reader’s business.

8.They do SEO, a lot

Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

“Your content is your online identity”, you must have heard this term much time and it is 100% true. But what if your blog is loaded with quality killer contents but not have higher ranks in search engines? It will be a total disaster.

Efficient bloggers do SEO and they do it a lot. You don’t have to hire an SEO professional for optimizing your blog, you can do it by yourself. It may take little bit time to figure out the great SEO strategies but after doing it by yourself you will be a pro. SEO today is more about relevancy than link building or tweaking content, for example, if your business is targeted to the UK market then a UK street address will be a lot more relevant than building links from UK based sites.

Why should you optimize your blog? The answer is given below.

#Increase your blog’s traffic

#SEO costs low compared to PPC or Adwords

#Provide  greater visibility to your blog

#Search Engine Optimization increases leads and sales

#SEO provides more stable ranking

#SEO has better return on investment (ROI) compared to paid Ads

#With proper SEO techniques you don’t violate Google Algorithms and get great response from the search engines

9.They make effort to create great online identity via social media

Efficient bloggers use social media smartly to get more from it. They never, ever, ever kill time on scrolling tweet updates or checking facebook posts. They spend less time on social media but create a huge impact on social media.

SEO is no doubt great but you cant ignore social media these days. Nowadays social media has become more powerful and it makes you reach more audience in less time.

There are many ways of using social media for your business and get best outcomes from it. Few ways are featured here too.

#Use great social media sharing plugins

#Make effort to reach more people on social media

#Be consistent on promoting your blog via social media (you can use some tools for promoting your blog on social media, this will save your time and resources)

#Write eye-catchy headlines and always use hashtags

#Dont fill your social media timeline with your posts only, share others post as well

10.They don’t fake

Top 10 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

“You was born different thus don’t die a copy”, great words said by some great person.

Efficient bloggers are real and don’t copy anybody, this makes them creating their image online. It will be difficult for anybody to survive online by copying others.

It may be possible that you will not achieve expected success at the beginning of your blogging journey but trust me, my friend, you will succeed one day. You have your own creative mind and different mindset thus believe in yourself and make effort to be more productive.

Final Note:

We always want great suggestions from the professionals of our industry to be as successful as they are. Blogging is not just about writing posts, publishing and promoting, it is more than that.

You will be succeeded in blogging or not it only depends on your strategies and hard work. Here I have listed top 10 habits of highly efficient bloggers and hope this list will help you a lot in being an efficient blogger.

If you have few other tips in your pouch rather than this list you are welcome to share it here. Now it’s your turn to give feedbacks.