How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money 2018 [10 Steps]

how to start a travel blog

Planning to start your own travel blog and wants to travel the world from your own blog, Then this post is for you. Here I am going to show How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money from it.

When I started my blog  there was no one to guide me, I learn myself how to start my blog to make money from blog and how to rank my blog, How to design my blog customize and many more things.

In this 5 year, I learned everything about blogging so it’s now time to share my knowledge with you.

I have good knowledge about every blog like finance blog, Lifestyle blog, travel blog, Technology blog, cooking blog etc.

Now you are thinking about how to start your travel blog then this article is for you because in this article I am going to Guide you from the scratch of blogging to start your own travel blog for free.

Everyone says same to start their blog but doing same as others you are not going to succeed.  So I thought differently and I started my blog so follow my blog & you get the Ray of Hope to the success of your blogging career.

I have read many travel blogs and in this one article, I am sharing those all mantras of travel blog which they have used in there blogging journey.

Without wasting your time let’s start and concentrate on a travel blog topic.

To Start a Travel Blog you need some amount around 10 to 20 Dollars and some knowledge about traveling.

  • Find The Perfect Name For Your Blog
  • Get Hosted Your Blog
  • Install WordPress 
  • Learn  About WordPress dashboard
  • Install  WordPress Theme
  • Install  WordPress Plugin
  • Create Main 4 Pages
  • Design Best Logo
  • Write your first post
  • start building your audience and make money online.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Blog Name

Finding the perfect blog name is the most difficult task in the blogging journey.  This is not a one day program it’s a long-term program so the blog name should be very impressive & unique for your blog.

There is no way to change your blog me once you have fixed.  so according to my experience, I am sharing all 5 tips that help you to select a good and unique domain name or a blog name which will be for a lifetime.

  • Find Unique Name
  • Easy Remember
  • Think Long-term
  • Avoid Hyphens and Unused word
  • Get .com Domain

Find unique Name

The main and important most part of blogging is a name for your blog.  You should find a good and unique name which suits your blog.

There is no needed to use keywords like travel, adventure, keywords related to travel in your domain name.

Many and most Popular travel bloggers use their own name as their own blog name to get famous on the internet. So you should also go with your name. If you are searching for a domain name like TravelGuru, or else then these types of name taken already. 

You can keep the name like travelwith[Your Name].com or try different words. 

You can use these Tools to Find Creative Domain name Namestation and Lean Domain Search.

Easy To Remember and Memorable

Nextstep is domain name should be memorable and short and sweet. Like easy to type,  easy to share, easy to Remember, easy to spell.

Write down the bunch of keywords which is related to your travel blog and select one keyword which is going to describe in your blog.

Travel, adventure, Food, Best Place write down all the keywords and start playing with the different combination of keywords.

Think Long-term

Think long term for your domain name is not easy. Think Good name it may hard to find the good domain name.

Once you have selected the domain name it’s not easy to change your domain name because you have worked hard on your blog so don’t think to change your domain name.

Don’t select a domain name with country names like travel India because you can write only about India and there is there is no use writing about other countries no one is going to read about that article because your domain name preferred them has only India.

So think long-term and select the best and good domain name that can easily make your blogging Journey successful.

Avoid Hyphens and Unused word

One of the great challenge while selecting the domain name is hyphens or other Character in the domain name.

Because its hard to share the domain name with your friends or other.

let’s go with an example

If you selected the domain name with hyphen how could you share the domain name with your friend for a mouth to mouth marketing?

Friend:  Hey Manish,  I heard that you are running a website Great what’s your website name.

Me:  Yeah I am running a website my website name is

Friend:  hey great I will check out in Google thank you.

After some time my friend called me and ask there is no website with the name of  

Then how could you tell your friend that my domain name is like this ( travel  hyphen with hyphen

Have you see that this domain name doesn’t work with the mouth to mouth promotion which is the best promotion of marketing.

So Avoid Hyphens In the Domain Name.

If you want to run a successful travel blog then avoid the unused words like drugs,  cocaine, sex this type of Keyword domain name.

Send the bad impression if you are site has been selected and submitted to the source of a travel company and how could he select your site for free tourism.

To avoid unused keywords in your domain name.

Get .com Domain

The last and the one of the best tip of selecting the domain name is an extension. The most popular and memorable extension is .com extension. so it’s very pretty good if you get a domain in the .com

There are 400 different type of extension available in the market.

It’s not that important if you don’t get  .com extension, People usually like to remember and open .com extension. People don’t remember Different extension usually they forgot that.

This was all about Selecting the Good Domain Name. I think these 5 Tips are going to help to get the best Name for Your Blog.

Step 2 Get Hosting to Your Blog

Hosting means as its name says to host your website it’s not very difficult.

In the simple words, you need a rented space on the Internet for your Blogs to keep the data of your blog like files, photos which make easy to access your domain name from any corner in the world.

When I was new in the blogging there was no idea about hosting and all. After I learned then I realized that’s a very easy process.

Before I start this process.

Here Is Deal For My Readers For Travel blog the Best hosting is BlueHost. There are much different hosting company but BlueHost make setting easy for new travel blog Crazy Setup.

For My Reader, This is Small Gift From me.

Get hosting By This link you (Get Bluehost Hosting only $3.95 per Month the real price is 7.99 per Month.) GRAB THIS NOW. 

I have tried different hosting company but Bluehost is the one recommended and with Good Price.

(From this link you get shared hosting at $3.95 per month for 12 months  and you get a domain name free that great.)

Read My separate article about Bluehost Hosting by click here.

Lets Start:

How to setup Bluehost hosting


1: Firstly select the desired hosting coupon from the Bluehost Coupon code. You will be automatically lead to Bluehost.

How To Start A Travel Blog

2: Once you entered the website, click on the green get started button to sign up for Bluehost.

3: Now there are three plans to select a blue hosting plan that suits your need for your budget. click on the buy now. As I said select cheapest plan $3.95 per month.

Bluehost coupon code4: its time for your domain name as I told Bluehost is providing free domain. Then you will be asked to specify your domain name . if you don’t have one you can create one for free or you have already once just enter it in the suggested box.

Bluehost coupon code

5: In this step, you’ll be asked to fill in your personal and billing details in the form. Here you can confirm your hosting and you can add an extra feature if you want to.  

Bluehost coupon code

6: Once you fill the form next you’ll ask about payment information and Agree to the terms and Conditions of Bluehost at last click on the ‘Next ’ to purchase your hosting plan.

How To Start A Travel Blog


I recommend going with 36 months you need to pay  $2.95 Instead of $5.95 For 12 months plan. You are saving almost $50 for 3 years. I think this is one of the best investment you have done forward bloc because there is no worry about posting for next coming 3 years.

If you just want to try for any time pass then you can go with 1 year if you are serious for your blogging journey and want to build a successful travel blog then I suggest you go with the 3-year plan.

If you are selected which plan you are going to then fill the payment details and that’s it.

Hurray,  you have completed setup your hosting and domain that’s easy right.

Now it’s time to install the WordPress on your Bluehost hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress

If you have other hosting instead of Bluehost here is youtube video learn how to install WordPress using cpanel.

You have successfully purchased the Bluehost hosting now it’s time to install the WordPress after your completely purchased Bluehost will ask you to create a password for your WordPress.

How To Start A Travel Blog


The next step is Bluehost will ask you to pick up the theme for your WordPress blog,  don’t get serious and it’s not a permanent theme select anyone and we are going to upload a new theme.

It is just a placeholder for now.

How To Start A Travel Blog


After choosing a theme and hit the button start building and Bluehost will start building up your theme.

How To Start A Travel Blog

After building it will ask whether your site is a personal or a business.  if you have a good plan for your travel blog and you going to provide the best course for your travel blogs then get excited and click on the business.

How To Start A Travel Blog

After that Bluehost will ask you to provide your slogan.  don’t get panic you can change the slogan whenever you want from the WordPress dashboard.

How To Start A Travel Blog

After that select Yes on the next screen.

How To Start A Travel Blog

Now Select for Static web page whose are looking for a modem blog.

How To Start A Travel Blog

Click on the not now we are not going to provide an address for a blog.

How To Start A Travel Blog

it’s asking about install woocommerce it is not necessary right now if you need you can install in future.


That’s it you have successfully installed WordPress on your blog now it’s time To learn about WordPress dashboard which is which you are going to work daily.


Step 4: Learn WordPress DashBoard

You have successfully installed WordPress on your blog.  it’s time to log in your work to log in your dashboard you need to visit  you will see a screen like this.

Enter your username and password which you have kept while installing the WordPress.

That’s if you are in the WordPress dashboard This is the place where you are running your business.

Down to the left-hand side, you have the important stuff.

  • Home ( It is the home page of your WordPress dashboard)
  • Posts ( where you can write a post or read a post)
  • Pages ( create your static pages for your blog like Contact, Deals, Terms, and  condition etc)
  • Comments ( where you can see the approve Comments, edit,  modify or delete the comments)
  • Appearances ( where you can install themes and change the theme color or added the code all about the experiences of your blog)
  • Plugins ( For adding additional features to your blog using plugins)
  • Setting ( Where you can alter your site settings)

Don’t worry it’s not difficult your hands gets free after using 2 to 3 days keep working on this.

The next step is a very important step where your site get a life I mean to say need to install a theme.

Also Read:

Step 5: Install WordPress Theme

This is an important and exciting part of your blog, it’s time to make your blog pretty and beautiful by selecting the best theme.

For selecting theme there are many options the place where you get a theme is ThemeForest where you get plenty of themes available.

I’m one of the best company I would suggest you are mythemeshop where you get the best theme.

Themes are usually paid and some of them free.  if you are willing to pay you can purchase from the mythemeshop or you can go with If you don’t want to spend money on the theme my theme shop is providing premium themes for free you can check out here.

MyThemeShop Free Themes

How to install a WordPress theme.

To install a theme you need to login to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Appearances >> Theme.

Once you are in the theme option you need to click on Add New button.

After that,  Click on the Upload Theme.  Then just select a theme from your computer.

Once you uploaded the theme and You get asked to Activate The Theme just click on Activate your theme that’s it.

Now Your theme is uploaded now install the recommended plugins for your theme.

Check Out This If you are getting confused while installing WordPress theme.

Step 6: Install Essential Plugin.

As above mentioned that plugins provide you extra feature for your blog, There are thousands of plugin available in the WordPress directory.

For beginners you get confused with plugin should we install for our blog.

To clear this confusion in this tutorial I  I want to clear and suggest some plugins you need to install right now to start your travel blog and make money online.

  • Akismet: Helps you to block the spam comments. [Download Plugin]
  • Yoast SEO: This is important Plugin which helps you to for ON Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  [Downoad Plugin
  • Contact form 7: Which helps create a contact form on the contact page. [Download Plugin]
  • Social Warfare: This plugin helps to add social share buttons on pages and post and there are many options in setting. [Download Plugin]
  • W3 Cache: This plugin help to remove the cache from your site and make site loads fast & optimize all things and code. [Download Plugin]
  • SmushIt.  This is a very useful plugin this helps to compress images from your site. [Download Plugin]


Step 7: Design Your Logo

Logo and banner are very important for a blogger which keep you unique from other bloggers.

This is an important part but I think you don’t need to invest your time and money more for this.

there are many tools available to create a best banner images and logo for your blog and it’s absolutely free for you and some of them are paid.

You are at the beginning stage of your blogging on the journey.

Here what I recommended  

Canva:  Canva is Completely Free Designing tool for blogger where you can make unique blogs Feature images, Banners, Logo and many more things.

To start with canva First you need to signup which is free and starts playing with canvas banners by selecting the size which is giving by Canva.

Go and create a canva Account for Free (Signup For Canva)

For example:

Blog banners are for feature images, facebook ads banner, youtube thumbnail banner etc

Just select one of the Readymade templates and customize it and ready for download.

Step 9: Create Main 4 Pages

After installing the Plugins now you need to create 4 basic page which is very important for your blog.

How to create a page you need to go click on pages and click on add new.  where you see this type of screen.

the four main basic  pages you need to create are:

  1. Contact us page: You need to say about how to get people to reach to you and your website. Please provide your correct Email address so people can get easily reach you.
  2. Copyright page: This is a standard maintained so people can know that you have your phone not steal from others.
  3. About us:  this page tells you about you and your history how you started this blog And what is the future plan for your blog this is the one page where you make your website Personable.
  4. privacy policy Let people know about your  laws about your site, That you use cookies etc. etc 

To generate your websites privacy policy use this website FreePrivacyPolicy

Step 10: Write Your First Post

Congratulation.  Now everything is settled and you have launched your blog successfully.

Now it’s time to start your business writing Post. When you Started I suggest you publish at least 2-3 post per week.

Always quality content is important than Quantity.

These are 10 steps by which you can start your own how to start a travel blog and make money.

A question comes in mind how to make money from Travel blog.

How To Make Money Travel blog.

At the starting, you should write up to 20 to 30 post and you can apply for the adsense,  after writing in a few days you can add affiliate marketing.

what is an Affiliate Marketing?

Sharing someone’s product and get a commission is known as affiliate marketing in simple words.

You can use Amazon affiliate marketing to sell the travel products like bags shoes at etc.

And you can use a tourism board and you can get affiliate from travel websites,  You share a plane ticket with the referral this was some basic about earning in the upcoming post I am going to show you deeply how to make money from your travel blog.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Travel Website (Blog)

Start a travel Blog you need around  Around $4 a month that it. 

when you get free from Bluehost when you purchased the hosting from it.  That’s it there is no more cost.

The main Cost is Your TIME you must have to give the best time and effort to work on your blog that’s the main cost from your side.

Work 2 to 3 months continuously and you get a result and keep on working and you get a success soon.

I hope you like this article and make sure to share this article with your friend and help your friend to start their own travel blog or any kind of other blogs.

if you have any questions related to the blogging feel free to comment me in the comment section below I will answer you.

How To Start A Travel Blog

Like this post? Don’t forget to share it!  Bye, Bye This Is Manish See you Next Post.