How To Start A Blog For Free & Make $2560/Month (Step-By-Step)

How To Start A Blog For Free

Want to start your own blog then this guide help How To Start A Blog For Free step by step. 3 years ago I started my own blog

I made many mistakes while my blogging But now I have learned everything about blogging,  There are thousands of people who are struggling but not getting success in their blogging so I am decided why I can’t help these guys to help in their blogging.

From my blog, I want to share my blogging Knowlege,  who want to learn how to blog.

In the next 15 minutes, You are going to start your own blog and ready to publish your first post.


How To Start A Blog For Free in Just 5 simple steps

  1. Choose the right platform
  2. Get a Domain Name and Hosting
  3. Customize your theme
  4. Write your first blog post

These are my personal 4 steps used when I started my own blog next we go deeper into these steps.

Step #1: Choose The Right Platform

How To Start A Blog For Free

As you read about the title we are just talking about blogging.  There are many platforms for blogging 

WordPress and blogger are most popular, But Blogger Free services provided by Google where you can start your blog but you need some knowledge about HTML, is free services provided by they provide you with limited features. if you want with all features you should upgrade your plan to business.

But I recommend you go with

  • Because it is easy & more than 91% of the blog  run on
  • Is free you just need to buy a domain and hosting
  • Easy to use and easy to customize
  • Has around 5000 + WordPress theme to make your blog awesome is not a website it is CRM which you can install at your hosting.

One of the big mistakes of new bloggers is they go with free blogging platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr, medium,

  • No control over your blog
  • No customization
  • Get limited access
  • No custom domain
  • No one will take you serious

You are serious about to learn Blogging and make money on it just you need one domain and hosting that’s it.

Step #2: Domain Name And Hosting

How To Start A Blog For Free

Now it’s time to get your domain name and hosting first we go with a domain name

Domain name is very important to your blog,  which type of domain name you are going to select.  I have selected my domain name because all my post should be in trend this was my aim.

I will help you to find your domain name

Before getting the domain name you need to choose your topic of blogging on which you are going to blog.

There are many niches like technology, health, travel, internet marketing, gadgets etc.

My blog is all about Internet marketing and some topics for technology. The best way to start a blog is start with your own name.

Get your domain name from Godaddy get domain name just my previous article.

You are a beginner then you don’t need to spend more on hosting just need to install WordPress so  I recommend you Bluehost they provide you Free domain and SSL it WordPress officially recommended hosting.

Know more about Bluehost just check out.

If you already purchased hosting then don’t worry the previous article help you to install WordPress step-by-step

Step #3: Customize Your Theme

How To Start A Blog For Free

WordPress is installed now, it’s time to customize it. customization plays a huge role in the success of your blog because it indicates a body language of your blog.

Every theme has there own panel to customize, but here I am showing some default changes you can do.

Things to Know before selecting the theme

  1. Free and simple theme: Theme should simple and easy to navigate
  1. Mobile Responsive: Your blog you look good in mobile view
  1. Optimized for speed: Theme should load fast so it can engage your Readers
  1. Seo ready: Theme should Search engine optimization friendly google loves SEO friendly site.
  1. Easy customization: You can easily change out layout, colors and many more options in a few clicks

Good news there are thousands of free WordPress theme you get in WordPress directory.  but I don’t think you get all the features because they are free.

To Find WordPress Theme Just Viste Appearance > Themes > Add New

How To Start A Blog For Free

From here you can browse the featured, popular and latest topics for your heart content.

Simply place the mouse over the one you want to preview live or to install and activate one.

Once you have done that, you can go to Appearance> Customize to adjust things like colors and fonts easily

How To Start A Blog For Free

Just keep modification things until you’re happy!

If you are serious about your blog, then you can invest in a professional theme that will help you stand out from the crowd and save you a lot of headaches that you often encounter with free themes (like things do not work well / zero support).

Step #4: Write your First Blog post

Now it’s time for the main part of blogging that is writing a blog post. I am going to guide you for writing your first post and publish it

Let’s start

Firstly login to your WordPress dashboard/ admin panel for login visit to ( and go to Posts>> Add New you will see a page like this.

Let’s go deeper

How To Start A Blog For Free

Let me explain exactly what you are seeing here-

  • Title area: this is where you write the title of your blog post
  • Add media: this is where you can upload images/gifs/videos
  • Content area: This is where you write the main content of your publication with the previous text formatting tools.
  • Publication: this is where you can control if your publication is published and live for the world, or you can choose to schedule it in advance.
  • Other: Choose or create a relevant category for your publication or upload a featured image. If you do not know what labels are, then do not worry about them.

Feel free to write whatever you want for your first blog post as you get used to the WordPress system,

Once you have completed just click on blue Publish button.

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You just wrote and published your first blog post!

Now give yourself a pat on the back and take a break because your first blog has just started!

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