How To Create menu In WordPress (Beginner’s Guide+Step-By-Step)

How To Create menu In WordPress

Do you want to add the menu to your WordPress blog? Do you know there is an easy way to add a menu to any WordPress blog?  That easy way is drag and drop interface in WordPress this allows you to create drag and Drop menu in few minters in this step by step guide.

we will show you How to create a menu in WordPress.

The menu will help and very use full for visitors which help them to find right thing on your blog. The Menu is called as navigation menu which is placed in header beside the logo or below the logo in the most of the WordPress blog or theme.

Menu On WordPress

Where is the location of a menu in WordPress? The location of a menu is permanent in WordPress and in some of the theme location is different but in the most of the theme, its location is the default.

how to create the custom menu in WordPress?

To create a custom menu in WordPress just go to Appearance » Menus in your WordPress admin panel.

How To Create menu In WordPress

After this Reaches you on the Edit menu option this option is divided into two Column. The column at your Left t as pages, post, tags, Categories and custom Links Tab and more option while display depending upon on your theme. And Right Side column you can adjust your menu items.

Now Time to start

Let’s start to create a custom menu

How To Create menu In WordPress

To create a menu at the right corner the button called Create Menu first you should choose a name for your menu like “Demo Menu” and click the button Create Menu.

After completing the load this will expand your menu Area like this.


Next, you have selected the pages, post, tags, Categories and custom Links which one you want to add a menu you can do it from the left corner. Which one you want just clicking on “ADD MENU’ button.

How To Create menu In WordPress

After adding the pages on the menu you to select the menu location where you want to display the menu.

How to select menu location in WordPress

Below the menu which you have created There is an option called Theme location or Display location you need to select the option there are many options like.


  • Primary menu
  • Secondary Menu
  • Main Menu
  • Footer Menu
  • Top Menu
  • Social Menu

How To Create menu In WordPress

And much more depending on your theme but these are Default Menu locations.

The Display as Navigation menu you need to click on Primary Menu or Main Menu Depending on your theme my theme support for the main menu.

Don’t worry if you placed the wrong menu you can change anytime and check out visiting your site/website.

How to Arrange Menu items in Navigation Menu

If you ever notice that every site is arranged the menu in the Correct from which look like good for your reader.

For Ex, You want to Arrange the HOME for first don’t worry you can do easily the only thing you need to do is Drag the HOME menu at the Top and Drop it.

How To Create menu In WordPress

That’s it you can do same for all menu.

How to crated Drop down menu in WordPress

How To Create menu In WordPress

Drop down menu is also known as the nested menu.  The Navigational menu with one parent menu under there is child items. These menus are styled in WordPress in this way when users take mouse over the parent item all sub menu will display.

How To Create menu In WordPress

To add submenu in the main menu you need to drag the sub menu to the Parent menu or item. You can as much sub-menu you can.

Here you can add multi-layer submenu but this feature is not allowed in all the WordPress theme.

How to add a category to the menu.

If you are using the WordPress blog then you can add a category as a menu in the navigation menu. This is one of the best features that you get on WordPress.

By default, WordPress provided the easy way to add Category in the menu just go the menu which you have created or create a new menu. On the left-hand side, there is an option called category just click it will expand. Now Select the category which you want to add in the menu or Drop down menu by clicking on ADD MENU button.

How To Create menu In WordPress

Now you will notice that all the category will appear as menu just like the page, to arrange the category (menu) You have dragged all categories to appear as sub-menu items under the blog.

How to Edit the Navigation menu

How To Create menu In WordPress

When you added pages and Category in Navigation menu successfully by default the name of pages and category will display as Link text.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t change the name you can it’s easy all the menu items can be change or edits by clicking on the downward arrow next to a menu item.

Here you can change the menu’s title or link text. You can also add a title attribute to the link. Don’t forget to click on the save menu button after changing.

How to remove link from navigation menu in WordPress

When you’re planning to remove the link from navigation menu don’t worry you can do anytime just like the previous tutorial you can remove the link in the same way you have edited the menu. You need to click on the downward arrow icon next on the menu button.

There is a Red link called remove. When you clicked the link will be removed by navigation menu.How To Create menu In WordPress

That’s it.

How to add a menu in Sidebar.

You can add menu in sidebar using the widget option simply go to Appearance » Widgets and

How To Create menu In WordPress

Drag the custom menu or navigation menu in the sidebar from the left column.


Next Type title for Sidebar in a custom menu item and select the menu which you want to display on the sidebar from a drop-down list and don’t forget to click on the save button.

Now you can see your website how the custom menu is displaying on your sidebar widget.

How To Create menu In WordPress

We hope you like this article and learned more about How to create a menu in WordPress.

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