How To Buy Domain From Godaddy 2018

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Getting confusing while registering a domain name, Then this article is for you here I am showing How To Buy Domain From Godaddy step-by-step.

Let’s start before starting I want to tell about domain names why there are so important and all if you already know about this you just down where you find step-by-step process.

What is a domain name  

Domain name is important and it is an identity to your blog or website. This is human readable address without that our website would just be found by a string of numbers representing the computer it’s on.

The domain name consists of 3 part that is

Www.  (World Wide Web) indicated that is a web address

The demo which is the main part which indicated your company name or blog & site name

.com   which indicate the domain termination.

The domain termination is also known as Domain suffix which indicates what type of domain it is


Many countries have there owned Domain Suffix

  • .in India
  • .uk United Kingdom
  • .au Australia  

If you have company from India you can buy a domain like ( where to indicate company.

How to buy Domain Name

You can buy or registered your domain name from domain name registrars.

  1. The .com domain is best but chances are low you don’t get easily in your name which you selected Because it is already taken by other.
  2. You Can get different suffix like .net .org and other if you’re based in India you can buy .in & are you from the UK you can go with .uk
  3. Always keep your domain name short because it should easily remember to your readers.
  4. Avoid hyphens in the domain if you can.

That it just remember these tips while buying a domain name.

Now Question comes which is best domain registrars?  I suggest you go with which is largest domain name registrar.   

Here is a deal

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Just follow this procedure to buy a domain from GoDaddy.

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Let’s Start

Step #1: Visit and enter your domain name which one you want to Buy in the search box which is showing on the screen.

You can visit directly by clicking here Godaddy

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Step #2: Now Godaddy finds whether your domain is available or if someone already took it.

Step #3: If your Name is available it’s Good Now can you can see ADD TO CART  Button just click on it for next step.

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Step #5: Now click on the Green button (Continue with cart)  

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Step #6: Ignore that all Things which Godaddy showing and click on the Continue with this option

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Step #7: Now It’s time to create your account with Godaddy if you have an existing account you can go through that. I suggest you create a New account. For creating a new account you need to click on the white button (Create New account)

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

 Step #8: Just fill the form with username, email, & password and support PIN which Is Important pin (Don’t Forget that PIN) after that this form will appear just fill out.

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy


 Step #9: After Creating your account its time to make payment if you have any discount coupon you can apply by clicking Have a Coupon Code?

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Step #10: Next, check out that you have correct domains. The default to register is 2 year you can change this number to 1,3,5 or 10 it’s up to you.

Step #11: Godaddy will offer you more options like domain privacy more domains, domain certification, and search engine visibility. I suggest you forget all these all.

Step #12: when you are happy it’s time to proceed to checkout.

wow done that’s it Now you should receive a confirmation email telling you that you can purchase a domain from GoDaddy. in that mail, you receive a customer number which is important keep it safe.

To get discounts and save money, use this latest GoDaddy coupon codes.

I hope this has helped you learn about registering a domain name with GoDaddy. If this tutorial helped you, Let me in below Comment session.

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