Grade 1 solar system worksheets

Learning about our solar system is a recurring theme for every grade in elementary school. In grade 1, the science curriculum starts with learning about the Earth, sun and moon.

We’ve created a series of worksheets to help students practice what they learn about the patterns of Earth, the sun and the moon.

Day and night

In these worksheets, students are asked to identify day from night.

Day or night worksheet grade 1

Winter and summer sunlight

Students study what sunlight looks like in winter and in summer. These worksheets help them practice discerning the sunlight in the different seasons.

Winter and summer sunlight worksheets

Patterns of the sun

Students work on how the sun moves through the day in these worksheets.

Patterns of the sun worksheets
Phases of the moon

An important topic, students learn to identify the phases of the moon in this worksheet.

Phases of the moon worksheet

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