Winter Special: 8 Evergreen Palak (Spinach) Recipes For A Scrumptious Lunch

Palak (spinach) is versatile to the core.


  • Winter-Special spinach is a store house of nutrients.
  • Spinach can be used to prepare a pool of delicious dishes.
  • We bring some desi recipes for a wholesome meal.

What’s the first name that comes to your mind when we say winter greens? The most common reply will be spinach (or palak). Spinach has a huge fan base across ages. In fact, it is one common vegetable available in every kitchen during this season. From a humble bowl of palak soup to the super delicious palak paneer – we indulge in a gamut of delicacies made with this crunchy and delightful green. It won’t be an exaggeration to say, winters just don’t seem complete without these palak-based recipes. And what adds on to the popularity of spinach is its pool of health benefits. Loaded with almost every essential nutrient, spinach is credited for promoting weight loss, managing blood pressure, strengthening immunity and more.

Besides being super healthy, spinach is versatile to the core. From a healthy breakfast smoothie to rich and lavish palak kofta and crunchy palak pakode, one can prepare almost everything with spinach.

We bring some evergreen palak recipes that can add some flavour of the season to your daily lunch menu.

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Spinach can help promote digestion and lose weight

Here’re 8 Popular Spinach (Palak)-Based Recipes For You:

Palak Paneer

The first dish we associate to palak is obviously palak paneer. Soft and succulent paneer cubes dunked in a spicy spinach gravy- palak paneer just spells indulgence. Keeping this in mind, we bring a delicious palak paneer recipe that can spruce up your meal in no time. Click here for the recipe.

Aloo Palak

Another popular spinach-based recipe, aloo palak defines comfort. A semi-dry sabzi made with cubed boiled potatoes, spinach and light spices, it makes for an everyday meal for all. Click here for the recipe.

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Palak Dal

We also found winter special dal for your everyday meal. It’s the super yummy palak dal. Pair this healthy dish with rice and achar and put together a fulfilling lunch during the afternoon. Click here for the recipe.

Methi Palak

Imagine enjoying two of your favourite winter greens together. Here’s one such amazing recipe that will satisfy your soul to the core. It’s called methi palak. A delicious blend of methi, palak, chillies and spices, this dish strikes a balance between health and taste. Click here for the recipe.

Mushroom Palak Kofta

If you are in a mood to eat something special, this mushroom palak kofta is an ideal dish for you. It is basically soft and juicy kofta stuffed with palak and mushroom and dunked in spicy rich gravy. Pair it with roti or rice and relish. Click here for the recipe.

Palak Bhurji

Ideal to pair with your winter special parathas, palak bhurji is a fuss-free recipe for quick and light meal. All you need to do is sauté chopped spinach with garlic, ginger and some spices. Click here for the recipe.

Palak ka Saag

If you are a fan of sarson ka saag, then this dish is sure to tantalise your tongue with its rich flavours. Pair this palak ka saag with makki ki roti and enjoy a fulfilling meal whenever you want. Click here for the recipe.

Palak Dal Khichdi

Here’s the ultimate comfort food for you. We bring a dal khichdi recipe that includes the healthy and yummy palak to make the dish healthier and tastier. Click here for the recipe.

Include these yummy palak recipes in your everyday meal and enjoy the seasonal produce to the fullest.


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