Sunny Leone: My fitness mantra right now is that I refuse to have the ‘Covid bod’ – Times of India

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Festival season or not, Sunny Leone is a fitness buff and has no intention to go easy on that front. The gorgeous actress is going all out with her workout regime, which includes kick-boxing, exercising, swimming and yoga in her Los Angeles home and her Instagram uploads are a tell-all.

While talking to us about her fitness regime in the ongoing festive season, Sunny said, “Though gyms that are open here in California are limited, I have been able to take up boxing again. I believe kick-boxing is the best way to jump-start kicking my butt to where I want it to be. I work every single muscle in my body punching and kicking a bag. And I have to tell you that it feels good! My mantra right now is that I refuse to have the ‘COVID bod’. No choice but to suffer and kick butt.”

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Ask her about her plans for the festive season and she says, “I don’t know what kind of festive season we will be having, but I do know it’s time to go back to work on set. And that means I have to undo six months of taking it easy.”

The actress, who has been a Mumbai resident for around two decades, moved to LA, USA early this year, as she felt that her kids (her daughter Nisha and sons, Noah and Asher) would be safer there during the ongoing pandemic crisis.

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