PUBG unbanned in INDIA | Good news for gamers


Pugb unbanned in INDIA after a long time. The pubg corporation said that it would launch pubg again in India.

The PUBG mobile corporation is owned by South Korean creators. The company is owned by blue hole company.

The name of creator of PUBG is Brendan greene he sold the PUBG game for $1 Billion.

PUBG was banned in India during September following security issues because it was published by chinese.

PUBG unbanned in India

The chinese company apps were banned in India due to security issues.

The PUBG mobile had downloads about 50 million in India.

This game was like addiction in Indians.

In the new edition of PUBG mobile there is limitation of playing this mobile game.

The company also said that it will make special graphics for Indian players like full clothes which is in green colour.

This time company promised that it make $100 million investment in Indian gaming, entertainment and IT sector.

The colour of blood will be made green for kills instead of red.

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