Jack Riewoldt slams ‘idiotic’ Caro comments as new twist emerges over star Saints pair

Jack Riewoldt slams ‘idiotic’ Caro comments as new twist emerges over star Saints pair

Richmond star Jack Riewoldt has labelled veteran journalist Caroline Wilson’s public questioning of two St Kilda stars’ decision to take leave as “idiotic”.

Wilson on Monday night questioned Seb Ross and Tim Membrey, particularly the former, for heading home to be with their partners and subsequently missing the Saints’ six-point loss to Adelaide in Cairns.

Widely criticised for her comments, Wilson on Tuesday stood by them and insisted the views were held at St Kilda as well as at other clubs across the league.

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Caro under fire for slamming Saints duo | 02:07

“Putting aside opinion for one moment, there is absolutely a level of frustration at St Kilda around Seb Ross in particular coming home and not playing against the Adelaide Crows on the weekend,” he told AFL Tonight.

“I’m not sure it exists for Tim Membrey, or certainly not as much, but Caro was right in saying some senior figures at the Saints would’ve preferred Seb Ross to stay and let that be known to him before he did depart.

“It’s not something the Saints are going to die on a hill over, I don’t think it’s going to affect Seb Ross too much moving forward, he’s out of contract at the end of the year, but she is right that senior officials at the Saints would’ve preferred Seb Ross to play against the Crows.”

Speaking on AFL 360, Riewoldt was baffled the pair’s decision had been called into question in the public forum and was fully supportive of the players choosing family over footy.

“I think it’s idiotic to be honest what we’re talking about here. I feel for their partners and their families having their personal life played out in front of the whole footballing public,” he said.

“It makes no sense to me that someone would come out and criticise someone that’s gone home to do something for their family.

“To then make comment and not even know what it is they’re going back for I think is a little bit irresponsible as well.”

Riewoldt said Ross and Membrey should not only be supported in their decision, but that other organisations should take note.

“I could not be more supportive of players and anyone choosing their family over their occupation. Every organisation out there I believe should grant someone leave if required to go home,” he said.

“The only people that will know they need to be together or leave their station would be the two players and their partners.

“For mine, definitely the right decision and a brave decision to leave with St Kilda right in the balance of finals but most importantly family comes first in every case for mine.”

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