Gulshan Devaiah has THIS to say about Deepika Padukone being probed by the NCB in alleged drug nexus in Bollywood – Times of India

Gulshan Devaiah recently opened up about the alleged drug nexus in Bollywood. Although he stated that he does not know what Deepika Padukone has done, he feels that it is a minor offence.

Talking exclusively to Times Now Digital, Gulshan reportedly said that he doesn’t feel bad about fingers being pointed out at the industry. He added that although he doesn’t know what Deepika Padukone has done, he feels it is a minor offence and hopes that everything is sorted out.

Elaborating more about the same, Gulshan reportedly added that in most of the countries, including ours, it is a minor offence because if you go to Banaras and you will see the same thing every day. He also stated that it is a bit hypocritical that in the name of religion some people smoke it is legal and if you are not religious and have some puffs, it becomes illegal. Even if it is hypocritical, Gulshan feels that we cannot do anything about it as that’s the kind of world we are living in.

Gulshan also went on to add that people will eventually forget everything that happened. However, Deepika has to fight her battle. According to the actor, people, who are pointing fingers at Bollywood, it is insincere. It is not done with the intention to make it a better place but it is done with an intention to grab more power and become more powerful.

When asked if he feels Bollywood has become a soft target, the actor disagreed. According to him, the cinema is soft power. Cinema has the power to make a difference but it is not that powerful to change everything just like that.

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