Anurag Kashyap Row: Payal Ghosh asks ‘good friend’ Irfan Pathan to break the silence – Times of India

Payal Ghosh who recently alleged filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct and also lodged an FIR against him on several charges has now taken a cheeky dig at her ‘good friend’ Irfan Pathan. According to her, the former Team India cricketer knew about her conversations with Kashyap but has remained silent in the matter. The actress further says she expected ‘good friend’ Irfan to break silence on this matter while she continues to seek justice.

Payal took to her Twitter handle to share although Irfan didn’t know that she was allegedly raped by Anurag Kashyap, he was well aware about the other conversations she had with Anurag. She tweeted: “I have definitely not talked about mr. kashyap raped me but I shared everything with @IrfanPathan about the conversations including (xyz) alas!! he is keeping mum inspite of knowing everything and once he claimed to be my good friend.”

She further tweeted: The point of tagging @IrfanPathan doesn’t mean I have any interest in him but he’s the one I have shared everything about Mr. Kashyap but not d rape thing.. I know he believe in his faith and his elderly parents so I expect him to talk about whatever I shared wd him.”

Payal also revealed: “Not only we were good friends but I was his family friend. Let’s see dosti kaun kaun nibhate hai!!”

Incidentally, the actress not just alleged Anurag Kashyap, she also drag names of Richa Chadha, Huma Qureshi among others. However, it didn’t turn out well with Richa, who in response, filed a case against Payal in the court. Following the row, Payal had to render an unconditional apology to Richa.

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