AMD vs Intel Gaming | Comparison Table with Infografics | Keypoints

AMD vs Intel Gaming | Comparison Table with Infografics | Keypoints

Difference Between AMD vs Intel Gaming

Advanced Micro Devices is a manufacturer in chips of personal computers with compatible microprocessors developed for gaming and daily processes. AMD has more cores to manage the performance offered by other rival companies. Price, power, and performance is the comparison done with others and they are compatible with these. Intel is good in gaming with fewer cores and high performance. Price is more for the cores and is developed for professional gaming usage. Depending on the games, the performance differs and the number of cores also differs. Intel i5 or i3 configuration is suitable with the cores dedicated for gaming performance.

Head to Head Comparisons Between AMD vs Intel Gaming (Infographics)

Below are the top comparisons between AMD vs Intel Gaming:


Key Differences Between AMD vs Intel Gaming

Let us discuss some of the major key differences between AMD vs Intel Gaming:

  • While comparing both, Intel is good in gaming with the performance offered. In AMD, the best gaming CPU has 6 cores with 12 threads and 3.6 GHz that is built on a 14nm transistor. 3 GPUs could be run with 24 PCle 3.0 lanes and performance is not compromised. The gaming processor of Intel to stand with this is i9 7900x that has 10 cores with 20 threads and 3.3 GHz clock built on 14 nm transistors. 44 PCle with 3.0 lanes supports 5 GPUs and 128 GB of RAM.
  • When the best gaming CPUs of AMD and Intel is compared, AMD is 25% slower than Intel. This makes the performance to be less and the cores to be increased if performance has to be improved. Also, the price of AMD is less with the same working set as Intel. If users are interested in performance, it is better to go with Intel but for midrange operations, AMD is better.
  • The lowest end in AMD and Intel gaming is considered with 4 cores and 4 threads each of Intel 3.6ghz i3 8100 and 3.5ghz Intel ryzen 3 1300x. Ryzen is overclocked up to 4 GHz and the CPU is similar for both. Intel cannot be overclocked in i3 and the performance is similar in both.
  • If the user does not have a dedicated GPU for gaming, it is better to go with AMD as Intel does not offer GPU for the gaming. With GPU, the best one in AMD is Ryzen Vega graphics with 4 cores, 8 threads, 3.6 GHz and a power of gt 1030. A dedicated graphics card has to be used in Intel with the absence of GPU. The systems to be used are i3 8100 or i5 8600 but when compared with AMD, it is slower by 75%.
  • All the systems in AMD do not offer an integrated graphics card while all systems in Intel offer an integrated graphics card. AMD Ryzen systems with 3 2200g and 5 2400g have the integrated graphics card so that they work without GPU in the system. The performance will be the same as other AMDs with a slight difference in the time clocked with GHz.
  • Intel runs only one program at a time and is not dedicated to multiprocessing. This makes the users concentrate on the performance of one system with higher time dedication. It does not take advantage of multicore rendering and the system is designed to do a single process at a time. While AMD can concentrate on different processes at a time with multiple cores dedicated to the processes in the microprocessor.

Comparison Table of AMD Gaming vs Intel Gaming

Let’s look at the top comparisons between AMD vs Intel Gaming.

AMD GamingIntel Gaming
Performance is less when compared with Intel. The number of cores corresponds to the number of processes being carried out at a time and this makes the system to concentrate on multiple processes.Higher performance is offered with the system being concentrated on the process on all the cores. Multiple processes are not carried out at a time and the process is carried out with higher dedication and performance.
Cooling is less in AMD that makes the gaming tough with the overclocked processor in the system.Cooling is good in Intel and the gaming is made easy with the cooling when the overclocked processor is used.
The price for AMD processor is less when compared with others and this money could be spent easily for cooling the processor for a gamer who prefers AMD.Intel is a bit costly with the cores and the processor in the system. This makes the use of processors in the high end with all the systems and the threads with gaming concentrated on one program.
Ryzen thread ripper 1920x is better for extreme work stations in the AMD series as it provided 2 extra cores and 0.2 GHz additional in the system. It does not heat quickly as an added advantage.Intel i9 7900x is used as an extreme workstation in Intel systems with 3.3GHz and can be boosted up to 4.3GHz. it gets heat quickly and has to be taken care of always.
AMD is used in different projects but is not a master of a single process. This makes the user rethink AMD in their process for the services provided. It can be used in animation or video editing or streaming.Intel i7 is used in the projects as it is dedicated to a single process in the project. The processor is purely dedicated to gaming applications and does not do any video editing or animation projects.
Ryzen is used as a midrange gaming application and is good at streaming the applications with several other processes. It is possible to optimize the processor and the performance can be improved. Hyperthreading is possible in Ryzen.Intel i5 is good in gaming and stands ahead of the Ryzen of AMD midrange. But hyperthreading is not possible in i5 and there are more fps in i5 than Ryzen.
AMD has a scalable interconnect to connect different processes in the application like Infinity fabric.There is no scalable interconnect in Intel and this makes it difficult to know other processes in the application.

Though Intel has ruled the gaming world and many prefer Intel over AMD, AMD is improving a lot and has become the favourite for gaming developers. Intel has to outgrow from its shell and know the market to survive in the industry.

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