10 Online Testing Software | EdApp Microlearning

10 Online Testing Software | EdApp Microlearning

Using online testing software has now been the standard when it comes to creating and deploying assessments to check on an individual’s knowledge and skills. It provides more flexibility and convenience as opposed to traditional paper tests since they can be created and deployed anytime and anywhere. Given the current shift to remote work due to the pandemic, using online testing software counters accessibility issues, ensures that no one is left behind, and guarantees the continuity of the learning process in your organization. Online testing software can also help you easily manage your learners and monitor their performance.

To help you with your search, we’ve handpicked ten online testing software that you can use for your teams to assess training effectiveness and employee performance. Scroll down to learn more.

Online Testing Software #1 – EdApp

Online Testing Software - EdApp

EdApp is the top online testing software for ensuring that your teams make the most of their training. EdApp’s Rapid Refresh feature solely dedicated to test-making will help with checking learner retention and comprehension. It’s designed to make online test creation easier, faster, and more efficient for busy educators and instructors. With its easy-to-complete spreadsheet, you can transfer your questions and it will automatically be transformed into a test, ready to be rolled out with a click of a button. With EdApp, there’s no need to chase your employees to take assessments as push notifications and email reminders are embedded into the user management feature, which yields higher completion rates.

Cost: Free

Key features: Rapid Refresh, reporting, custom push notifications

Online Testing Software #2 – Kahoot!

online testing software - kahoot

Kahoot! is an interactive, game-based online testing software where users can answer gamified questions in real-time. This is usually used in synchronous learning where active participation of learners is highly encouraged. A self-paced asynchronous session is also available if needed. While Kahoot is mostly used by educators, it can also be utilized by your L&D and training teams to conduct tests, engage employees in training content, and ask open-ended questions. 

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Customizable templates, game format, reporting

Online Testing Software #3 – ProProfs

Online Testing Software - ProProfs

ProProfs is an online testing software with over 100,000 readily available questions you can use in creating knowledge checks. It also includes an online authoring tool, which makes creating tests easy and convenient. Tests are automatically graded after they’re taken, which is a time-saver for your training team. The quizzes can be deployed to your learners through an online link in their group chat or virtual classroom, which makes access a breeze. You’ll also get access to actionable reports that are automatically generated and can be exported for further analysis and assessment.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Ready-to-use questions, automated grading, reporting

Online Testing Software #4 – Typeform

Online Testing Software - Typeform

Typeform is an online testing software with no coding background needed to create engaging and interactive tests. This software allows integrations with several applications such as Canva, Slack, and Google Drive, so there’s no need to go back and forth with any existing apps that you use. Typeform uses a one question at a time, conversation-like format so you’ll have to consider this when creating tests with many items. For the free version though, you’re limited to 3 forms with 10 question items and up to 100 allowable responses per month. 

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Customizable templates, shareable reports & analytics

Online Testing Software #5 – Quizlet

Online Testing Software - Quizlet

Quizlet is a free online testing software that is popular for its signature flashcard format. Using flashcards for testing is the perfect medium for visual learners as facts and key concepts are shown through images for better context and recall. Users continually contribute to the public library of this software, so several study sets for different topics are accessible. Aside from using flashcards, Quizlet also offers timed games, adaptive questions, and practice tests for variation. While it’s mostly used in schools, Quizlet is an engaging way to test for understanding and retention with your teams in the workplace.

Cost: Free

Key features: Flashcard format, study sets, multiple question types

Online Testing Software #6 – ClassMarker

Online Testing Software - ClassMarker

ClassMarker is another online testing software that allows you to easily create tests and save questions to your question bank, which you can reuse anytime. Quizzes are highly customizable, which allows you to indicate time & date availability, the number of attempts allowed, the passing score, and many more. You’ll also be able to add a theme to apply branding and logo to your test pages. Like Proprofs, tests are automatically graded except for those with essay-type questions. You can view test results whether they’ve been completed or if they are still in progress, so you’ll always have visibility on how they are getting along.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Multiple test types, branding, completion certificates

Online Testing Software #7 – SpeedExam

Online Testing Software - SpeedExam

SpeedExam is a unique online testing software geared towards assisting learners with self-study. It offers 10 types of questions to provide diverse types of challenges to your learners. Your training team can create a question bank and tests can be created by learners from your pool of questions. You can also create tests that can be taken at the same time, either on the same location or even in different regions, perfect for organizations that operate globally. You can even monitor your learners while they take their tests with SpeedExams’ exam monitor. With its free version, you’ll get 25 exam attempts per month with up to 5000 questions.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Question bank, concurrent tests, automated proctoring

Online Testing Software #8 – PaperShala

Online Testing Software - PaperShala

PaperShala is a powerful online testing software that will allow you to create tests, reuse questions, and check results immediately. There’s no need to worry about any power interruptions or connectivity issues when your learners take their tests as answers are saved in real-time and can be resumed anytime. Like the other tools in this list, it also has a question bank that houses all your test questions. Aside from this, it also gives visibility to more details, such as total attempts and total correct & incorrect answers. PaperShala also has a dedicated student dashboard where learners can check the exams they need to take, their progress, and their performance.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Multifunctional question bank, student dashboard, Resume Exam feature

Online Testing Software #9 – Edbase

Online Testing Software - Edbase

Edbase is an intuitive online testing software that allows you to create tests in a couple of minutes. You can easily drag and drop items from your pool of questions to your quizzes and rearrange them in any order you prefer. It includes a question editor so you’ll also be able to add images and videos for more advanced questions. To ensure honesty, you can opt to set a time limit, randomize questions, and even lock learners’ screens. Edbase offers a free plan, but it only allows 10 candidates and 20 test attempts each month.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: Drag-and-drop question editor, question bank, integrity protocols

Online Testing Software #10 – Mercer Mettl

Online Testing Software - Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl is an online testing software that caters both to schools and businesses. It boasts an intuitive, hassle-free dashboard that allows you to focus on building tests instead of spending time learning how to do them. It offers a wide variety of question types, such as multiple-choice, true/false, and essay questions. Its powerful software even allows you to conduct more complex tests to check for very specific skills like spreadsheet proficiency and programming knowledge. However, Mercer Mettl doesn’t offer a free plan and their pricing is based on your usage and the features you require.

Cost: Contact Mercer Mettl for quotation

Key features: Test authoring, complex skills testing, different question types

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